The apricot season: choose the most delicious and high quality fruits

Apricot — a veritable goldmine of all sorts of nutrients. Pleasant “apricot” flavor, harmonious taste make it very popular, and a rich chemical composition – ability to use dietary and clinical nutrition.

The sweet dessert variety is a large bright orange solid fruit without spots. They are best eaten fresh, says kak-vibrat. Dense but small and sour “freckled” apricots can be a bright accent, for example, in a barbecue marinade, in a salad with goat cheese, grapes and nuts, glazed, barbecue.

So what should pay attention to when choosing fragrant fruit on the market:

1. Right the fruit is supple and a skin, and wrinkled instances it is better not to take because it demonstrates peresinotti fruit, which means that the apricot is no longer useful properties.

2. If there is vzmozhnost, it is better to try the apricot taste. It needs to be juicy, sweet, fragrant.

3. For the preservation of apricot is better to take slightly not ripe. But for jam, it is recommended to use a variety of apricots as Zherdeli.

4. Check that the flesh was juicy, but not stringy. The color of pulp orange for some varieties yellow.

5. To unripe apricots are ripe, you need to help them to reach the “condition” — put them in a paper bag, close and store at room temperature until they are soft. This is normally 2-5 days.