Russia: Ukraine is gone forever

All the problems of modern Russia is quite abnormal exaggerated way tied to “foreign policy”, or rather to a phantom of neo-Imperial complexes “political elite.” He leads us unsinkable “elite” came out of the defeat of the USSR in the Cold war Packed like never before. But, providing a sturgeon with XP*Mr. for generations to come, she once again willed not the Constitution, but aziopskogo greatness — the new Golden Horde, uniting dream to cling to her hand the people and the state.

If there was one super-idea, uniting petrusevski “new nobles”, it’s “dominance in the post-Soviet space”, creating a “zone of privileged interests,” the recovery in one way or another Horde-the Russian-Soviet Imperial matrix. Thieving and incompetent, swaggering and cowardly flouncing between Courchevel and Lefortovo Russian political “elite” can not understand that it is useless in the post-Soviet space as a teacher of life and center of gravity. Well, maybe there would be among our neighbors any socially close brothers in mind, if wheezing hatred of the West, the Russian “elite” offered them a consistent Big anti-Western Ideological Project. But the whole world knows where the “elite” keeps its treasures, what medicine she prefers for herself and what kind of education for their children.

The inability of the “elite” is not formally on paper, but internally, psychologically, to take seriously the independence of the “fraternal” countries, it is striking deafness to the possible reaction of neighbors of Russia, its spiritual laziness and Imperial arrogance, not allowing you to try to look at yourself through the eyes of strangers — all of these wonderful qualities of the Russian kleptocracy has naturally led to a cycle of alienation and hostility in the former Soviet space. The crazy concept of “Russian world”, borrowed student leader “disconnected tribe” Hitler foreign policy 1930-ies, the failed attempt of its implementation in Ukraine became the pinnacle of chetvertichnogo geropsychological of insanity. By the summer of 2017, when the “elitist” have already specifically to solve the transit issues of power, became evident following the lessons of the infamous Ukrainian adventure:

Have fashizoidnogo Russian “elite” was not at hand fashizoidnogo people, fuel, consumables for implementation of its systems (like Hitler in the 30’s or Milosevic in the 90-ies of the last century). The vast majority of Russian in Ukraine have rejected the delusions of the “Russian world”, remained true to the Ukrainian state and its European choice. In Russia the stream of “movers” were quickly disposed of and gone. In the separatist territories was only a political leader he is with a pistol, ready to drive, the phantom regiment on Kiev and Lviv.

Its neo-Imperial phantasms “elite” ultimately exacerbated personal relationship with the eternally hated and eternally beloved by the West, thereby putting at risk the physiological basis of its existence that after chetvertichnogo continuous Banquet, she no longer thinks outside the tight household of integration in the upper strata of the Western consumer society. The Nouveau riche found that pay for the Imperial dessert would be to deprive them of basic food and visualware from the institution. Ukraine is gone forever, and with it the entire post-Soviet space. “The greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century” actually happened in the 14th year of the twenty-first century. The date stamped on the medal for the conquest of the Crimea.

And gave them lessons from the same Mr. master, which also boasted, proudly pulling relacjami that he started all this mess. Putin is trying desperately today to show that he still hoo that only he is able to establish broken relationships with the West and to preserve their assets and way of life. That Putin asked for a scathing rebuke to the Emmanuel Macron. That Putin is preparing for the final parade in the corridor of the summit of “Big twenty” to grasp the button of Donald trump. Catch — prolong their agony, fail will add determination to his shadow opponents, including the security forces and, two years already straining the leash to his old enemy of Ramzan Kadyrov.

“Junta” is able under certain circumstances to overcome the “Bunker”, but not able to get rid of Imperial complexes. Forced to go to hybrid’s surrender to the West, she feels a deep cognitive dissonance. And to overcome it is going, judging by the number of signs, the horse Imperial dose of the drug, a Third Chechen war. Especially in this uplifting endeavor sincerely and earnestly support the luminaries of Russian liberalism, which the choir will repeat the immortal phrase: “the Russian army is reviving in Chechnya, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a traitor”. And no risk of further exacerbation of relations with the West! Especially if the propaganda will be able to sell him this war as the restoration of the constitutional rights of gays. Dmitry Kiselyov is very cardio work.

Security forces did not understand what happened in Chechnya over the past quarter century (and over the last two centuries), what crimes they commit, and they do not hide that it is still full of desire to return to the days of his absolute tyranny. The only positive that is said about Putin by historians and lawyers at the trial when such will take place in zero he miraculously realized the horror of what was happening, all this clutter of Novye Aldy, Budanov, Shamanov, “Grad”, “Pinocchio”, Dresden the ruins of Grozny, stopped the dogs of war, made a deal with Kadyrov clan senior. When the absolute power of the feds any Chechen, regardless of his views or actions can be captured, kidnapped, subjected to humiliation, torture, killed. In Chechnya today, a similar fate may befall any acting against Kadyrov. This is remarkable progress in the security of the person.

The project “Kadyrov” stop the carnage and protect the Chechens from the tyranny of the Russian security forces. But more obvious was the negative side of the project. About the crimes of Kadyrov’s details and arguments stated, for example, in a report Ilya Yashin. But Yashin goes much further. Kadyrov he asks the question: “do you realize that your policy the actual disobedience of the Constitution and violation of Russian laws — a direct path to the secession of Chechnya from Russia? Is it your goal? You understand the implications of such policies for his people and for himself? You are afraid of the consequences?”.

First, Kadyrov is just not committed to the formal exit from Russia. The trick is that Kadyrov has long been de facto separated from Russia, and a formal joining Putin’s Russian-Chechen Union to his advantage, as it solves for him the most important task. Chechnya regularly paid indemnity (tribute, payment). But, more importantly, provided a political base of support for Kadyrov. While he was in the Union, their special relationship with Putin ensure that people are protected from the lawlessness of security forces.

And secondly, a rhetorical question Yashin is addressed not only to Kadyrov. “Aren’t you afraid?” — this is an outright threat (whose name, I wonder?) all Chechens about the fact that any path to independence for Chechnya will bring terrible consequences. The project “Kadyrov” has allowed to stop the genocide of the Chechen people and gave Putin the opportunity to preserve the illusion of “victory” in the war and the retention of Chechnya as part of Russia. But this illusion had to pay dearly with the oppressive reality of staying in the Russian part of Chechnya.

Today the situation is humiliating dependence on Kadyrov’s not like anyone in Russia, except Putin, the political legitimacy which the “winner” in the Chechen war is tied to the project “Kadyrov”. Russia has two ways out of this conceptual tipico. One proposed me to secede from Chechnya. Second, the proposed Yashin — to restore Chechnya in the Russian constitutional ordnung. Kadyrov is no accident immediately prerepublican report Yashin. The conclusion to which can come the Chechens, reading is addressed to him the questions of the moralist Yashin, is obvious. If Russian opposition is ready to become the big butchers of the Chechen people than Putin, then better yet stick with Kadyrov. Specifies the Chechens such issues should understand that they are preparing a new war in Chechnya.

The Chechen question will inevitably become the first major political crisis of post-Putin Russia. So timely was the meeting of Chechen and Russian society, held on 15 may in Brussels. She was dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of the historic “Treaty on peace and principles of relations between Russia and the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria”, signed by presidents Boris Yeltsin and Aslan Maskhadov in Moscow on 12 may 1997. The incumbent, among other things, a legal document. It has not been canceled. Of the Russian Federation and the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria as two subjects of international law are obliged to follow it.