Shocking heating bills: why is it so expensive and what to do with the communal

Up to 70% of the amount in the payment for communal, experts say, the cost of heating. Bills for December for many Ukrainians were unexpectedly high. The capital cost of heating two-bedroom apartments comes to more than seven thousand hryvnias. The website “Segodnia” found out why he came to the record-high bills and what to do.

Why is it so expensive?

Ukrainians actively discuss the bill. Payment order with sum more than seven thousand hryvnias on their pages in social networks has placed the policy, former Minister of housing Oleksiy Kucherenko, and hundreds of users of social networks. This year the heating season was a record expensive – in Kiev, one Gcal of heat rose from 657,24 to 1416,96 hryvnia. On average, says energy auditor Sergei Svistun for heating two-bedroom apartments have to use 1.3 Gcal of heat. During the heating season 2015/2016 this amount of heat was worth 854 hryvnia, and at the moment – 1842 hryvnia.

For amounts in the payment monitor, in particular, and to the Ministry of social policy. As told during an hour of questions to government in Parliament Minister Andriy Reva, there are cases when the amount in the payment can really reach the seven thousand. Most of the houses have a private company (shop or office), which allows you to check the metering devices. “The impression that the citizens pay not only their own heating in the rooms, but this commercial firm,” says Reva.

The press service of the KSCA also called the reason of the huge sums in the payment. Had to pay for the heating for a period of more than a month. Kyivenergo has shifted the dates of the readings from the meters (95% of apartment buildings with meters). If used to take readings started with 19, now – in the last two days of the month. Thus, in one payment immediately take into account the amount of heating for the past month and almost a week for the last month.

In addition, in December there was a heavy frost and in order to maintain a stable temperature in the apartments, had “burn” more Gcal of heat.

Is it possible to pay with counters less

According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, in cities where more than half of the homes equipped with heat meters, the bills for heating, starting in December, expect in new ways. Each city needs to calculate the average cost of heating per square meter in houses with meters, and at this rate shaping bills for houses without meters. “This Cabinet decision surprised us. Now it is unclear who will reimburse providers the difference between the actual consumption of heat and that which will define a new algorithm,” says an expert in the field of energy efficiency Anna Shumeyko.

In Kiev the average heating of one square meter in the house with the meter’s 31.27 costs hryvnia per square meter. Thus, according to the rate of Kyivenergo, heating one square meter in the house without a meter before the innovations of the Cabinet was worth 32,97 hryvnia.

On average, houses with heat meters for heat Ukrainians pay 20-30% less than estimated in the National environmental centre. This is due to the fact that some heat is lost in the networks on the way from the boiler to the house on warm days, vendors can “tie” the valve and put less Gcal, etc. In buildings without a heat meter is not taken into account – they have to pay according to the norm regardless of how many actually used heat. However, there are cases when after setting the counter for the warmth you have to pay more if, for example, a house loses a lot of heat because of the “leaky” walls, Windows, cracks.

Manager DTEK ESKO Sergei Svistun sure, even in those houses that pay with counters more than it could pay without them to abandon metering not worth it.

“If you refuse to counter, the residents will not be able to see above or below the standard they use and how much they can save, from the base level of consumption. Counter disciplinarum user and motivates him to save the heat gives you a starting point for the development of energy efficiency measures and calculation of payback. In any case, everything goes to the fact that all the houses will be provided with heat meters. Other way simply does not exist”, – says the expert.

How to pay less

To spend on home heating at 50-70% less, will have to conduct a comprehensive modernization of the building. To insulate the house, said the Manager, DTEK ESKO Sergei Svistun, and during the heating season. “Insulation of exterior and interior walls, basement and attic, replacement of Windows and exterior doors in the hallways to energy efficient thermal insulation of the utilities (pipes and valves) can be carried out during the heating season. These activities are done quickly without disconnecting the house from the heat,” – says the expert.

However, such events will result only in the case if you install the meter and the heater.

It is important to note that to insulate the exterior wall of the house according to the “wet insulation” (mounting to the wall thermal insulation material, which needs to be plastered) at a temperature below five degrees Celsius. And insulate the wall inside the expert advises. If the house is a monument of architecture and to insulate it from the outside impossible, before the work on the insulation inside the walls will have to calculate the thickness of the insulation relative to the “dew point” below on the walls (on the outside and under the insulation) does not accumulate moisture, which in future may lead to the formation of mold. Also in these cases it is necessary to consider the question of ventilation of the premises is insulated from the inside “extra” moisture removed using forced exhaust ventilation organized and organized inflow, says Sergey Svistun.

How to understand that wasting more heat than you need to:

  • if You open window in winter means You have an excess
  • if You have a cold in winter and hot in summer – so Your home has
  • excessive losses through walls, Windows, floors, etc. or have Your “house neotop”
  • if You warm and the Windows are closed, and the payment is high, then compare specific indicators used heat ratio and find out whether something to do to pay less and still have comfort

Sergey Svistun sure the way to accurately determine the savings potential in the home, you should seek the advice of a professional energy auditor, to order an energy audit or an Express energy audit. “For residents the easiest way to determine the approximate potential for energy savings in your apartment building – go to map of heat meters on the website of “Kyivenergo”, find your house and click on it – in the drop down menu we will see how much percent of the heat of the house can save money if you go through with energy efficiency measures”, – says the Manager of DTEK ESCOs.