Trump refuses to condemn extreme right-wing protesters in the United States: racism is growing


On Saturday in Charlottesville in the US during a demonstration, accompanied by outbreaks of violence, a woman died when a crowd of demonstrators crashed the car.

Was hit by a car or tossed in the air several people. One woman of 32 years died, 19 people were injured. According to the American authorities, the culprit was James fields Jr. (James Fields Jr.), 21, earlier not the offender.

Fields attacked the anti-racist demonstration held on the streets of Charlottesville. The attack is the latest manifestation of racist violence in the United States.

The attack on antiracists

Clashes that took place in Charlottesville at the weekend, began when this small city in the state of Virginia, it was decided to demolish the monument to Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

Lee is the idol of racist and extreme right-wing movements in the United States, and the decision on demolition of the monument was greeted with protests. On Saturday there were supporters of the Ku Klux Klan, a group of right-wing extremist civil defense, neo-Nazis and supporters of the so-called movement Alt right.

Right-wing extremists on Friday staged clashes with hundreds of demonstrators opposing views, and on Saturday night it turned into a serious collision. During the night in these clashes, eight people were injured, the riots continued all day Saturday.

Video, however, shows a peaceful demonstration in just a few seconds before the car James fields Jr. crashes into an anti-racist demonstration.

“Violence from many sides”

American President Donald trump (Donald Trump) on Saturday condemned the violence, but this condemnation, however, caused the anger.

The President said that the condemnation of “hatred and violence from many sides”, and repeated the words “many sides.”

On Sunday, many Democrats sharply criticized the President’s statement, but with the leading politicians of the Republican party also voiced criticism.

Senator Marco Rubio (Marco Rubio) wrote on Twitter that “important for the country to hear how the President describes events because they’re the terrorist attack made by supporters of white power.”

The leader of the Democrats in the Senate, Chuck Schumer (Chuck Schumer) said on Saturday that the March of right-wing extremists in Charlottesville “is directed against everything that supports the American flag,” and that trump “immediately in the strongest terms, must condemn this demonstration.”

But the President hasn’t done that when Klassekampen Sunday was sent to print.

Racism is growing

Earlier this year, the center for the studies of hate and extremism at the University of California have published new data on crime motivated by hate in the United States.

The data show that the number of racist attacks is increasing, especially in large American cities. In new York the number of racist attacks has grown at a staggering 254% in the period from 2015 to 2016, the same thing happened in Chicago.

Crime motivated by racial hatred is directed primarily against the religious minorities. Jews and Muslims, according to the Center, enter the main risk.

These data are for 2016, and as of this year, then it is still not available. The organization the Southern Poverty Law Center has documented a sharp increase in violence motivated by racial hatred for the first ten days after winning trump in the election, but it is not clear whether this continued trend in 2017.

The number of attacks after winning trump’s election was less a sharp rise in violence against Muslims since 11 September 2001.

However, it is clear that right-wing extremist movement in the United States have not had such a strong. On Friday, supporters of the “white power” held on the streets of Charlottesville torchlight procession with obvious signs of sympathy for the Ku Klux Klan.

A well-known Republican Mike Huckabee (Mike Huckabee), the former Governor of Arkansas, were among the condemned Saturday’s March of right-wing extremists:

“The dregs of white power is the most ugly form of racism, and believe that the Creator prefers some over others is a perversion of the divine truth and evil,” he wrote on Twitter.