Psychosis weeks. Operation “Deportation”

Great, I’ll tell you, the decision to deprive Miho citizenship. We must continue to move in this direction. Yulia Tymoshenko can be deprived of birth certificates. To cancel and be done with it. Then her passport, marriage certificate and mandate will be null and void. Will be back Grigyan. Return to Dnepr(-opetrovsk). Nadia Savchenko should again surrender. In short, the work — no end…

Saakashvili did, of course, creative. Wait until he will leave for the States and poof! — turned the world of the homeless, a man without a passport. At first glance, the lawyer who is thought of everything, deserves a Nobel prize. But still feel the defect of special services.

Shiny this special operation can be called when the ex-President of Georgia has sent to the agent of the “Yushchenko-2”. Lured on a “forum of democratic forces”, say, in Tanzania. And then be stripped of citizenship. That would be the room! Would sit our poor Misha under a palm tree, blowing a banana from a local chieftain of the tribe Tumba-yumba. And begged for mercy.

And so it is in the worst case deported back to the US. Where, in contrast to Ukraine, Saakashvili is not a clown, and brand. Valuable source of information about the corruption in our great power. Idleness he will tell you that the Nobel prize for the idea with the deprivation of citizenship will turn into a Darwin award for problems that we will nazywam.

Not incidentally, Yulia Tymoshenko, as the cuckoo clock, immediately jumped out of their summer beauty clinics, where she was “acupunctural face”, and began to defend Mike. Realizes that she is in the risk zone. About to cancel the birth certificate is, of course, a joke. But in every joke is some truth. You can, for example, to cancel a certificate of exemption from the Penal colony.

By the way, has anyone seen a court decision to annul Tymoshenko’s conviction? Seven years of imprisonment, three years of ban on civil service and 1,5 billion hryvnias of compensation to “Naftogaz of Ukraine”? Or in the hustle and bustle of the victory of the euromaidan have forgotten about it? Well, then she must wash clothes at the headquarters of Saakashvili, once the headquarters of Yushchenko wash failed.

But our valiant Embassy in the United States have not washed. They “dirty Laundry” Manafort out and wore into the campaign headquarters of Hillary Clinton. Who thought she will not win. Oh, and datasales. What now does not write only the lazy.

Wonder why in light of the sensational trump tweets about sabotage Ukraine election, which, of course, is the news No. 1 this week, Ambassador in the United States Valeriy Chalyi have not yet abolished the diploma and appointed him on the duty in the refugee camp. To wash the toilets. What would be the job specialty: dealing with shit.

But we are silent in a rag and do nothing. The lack of reaction of our highest authorities on the serious statement of the leader of the free world (sabotage Ukraine election in the US) shows that took us by surprise. Repin’s painting “the unexpected” in all its glory.

We thought that once during a visit of a guarantor in Washington, this issue was not raised, the Ukraine, like Caesar’s wife, above suspicion. And it turns out just not enough time. While sitting for pictures here and there would turn, smile “cheese” did take first, second, third robbed — and the audience is almost over. And I had more time to say stuff about Putin.

And here we are: shock, stunning archive imagery, ideal for fotozhab, and special representative for Ukraine, Kurt Volker, which emerged in the political space after lengthy talks between Putin and trump in Hamburg.

Volker was a very active and… terse. Recently visited the Donbass region. And before that, met with the deputies of all factions, and all with whom he has just met: AA, MO, SCCC, Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, France and Germany, with the Chancellor of Austria and current Chairman of the OSCE Sebastian Kurtz, with the Tripartite group negotiations in Minsk and personally by Leonid Kuchma.

Met and… silent. Any statements and comments did not. And just this week the great mute spoke. Gave a great interview, and… our analysts from sweating loins: in the same paragraph four times mentioned the word “election”. In the context of elections in uncontrolled territory.

Personally I considered the transcript of the Radio “Freedom”: “…need for a political process: elections, governments…. And then we come to the question of whether police mission to monitor the elections (in Eastern Ukraine — approx. ed). I would consider this in a broader context. You need to restore the territorial integrity of Ukraine and to provide protection and security to all people. These are the conditions in which it is possible to hold democratic elections the local authorities to return migrants.”

Well, that, my dear, “something big in the woods was dead.” To the representative of the United States so hard, “stoked” for the elections in ORDO, I don’t remember. Do not be surprised if the Americans, in unison with Russian will push us on Amnesty for the separatists, then the recognition of elected in the elections of the leaders of the republics, and then to negotiate a La camp David or Oslo hand.

Literacy in order. Camp David is where the Palestinians (without their presence) Western countries were allowed to establish a system of self-government on the West Bank of the Jordan river and the Gaza strip. And in Oslo already held bilateral secret talks between Israel and the Palestine liberation Organization (PLO). As a result, on 13 September 1993 in Washington, on the lawn near the White house, Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat signed a Declaration of principles, and they shook hands. And stood next to US President bill Clinton and clapping.

We, of course, a hell of zrady hands of Petro Poroshenko, Alexander Zakharchenko, thoughts not allowed in a nightmare can’t see. Kurtz Kurt is clearly up to something. Sounds like a plan to stop the war. After all, while the war — there are no elections, there is no choice — there is no Ukrainian camp David, Oslo and the rest. How, then, are our ideological premise that no peace is necessary: “and that means we need one victory, one for all, we pay the price!”?

The Americans, however, also wanted to see the result. The parade in Donetsk, so at least in Debaltsevo. Not by chance this week the information appeared that for the last three years, the United States has provided Ukraine military aid to $ 600 million. But the protracted “battle in the Groove” they are clearly tired.

It is also felt in the interview, Kurt Volker: “first, Russia is already in Ukraine with all their heavy weapons. There are now more Russian tanks than there are in all countries of Western Europe combined. It is very, very large military contingent. An even larger contingent is concentrated on the territory of Russia near the borders of Ukraine. Russia has every right to do it, this is her territory, they can place there as many military as you want…”

What he wants to say when talks about Russian tanks? Scare the most powerful army of Europe “bronekonnye Buryats” army, which defeated ISIS (banned in Russia organization — approx. ed.)? Are hints that an attempt of Ukraine to take revenge by large-scale war to the separatists, you just have to hold out until the approach of the Russian army?

So Kurt this must have something to do. American passport we him to cancel will not be able to entry does not forbid. But you can mobilize Radical party — let him write on it the complaint in all instances: in the Senate, Congress, UN, EU. They also do not care against whom to write against Guzhva, Saakashvili or Volker. Then, they are “sake-Kala”.

You can still set on Mr. special representative of the recent remake of Femen. The new women of Femen, which veterans movement, settled in Paris, pushed the franchise and gave the license to disorderly conduct, you need a reason to show Boobs. Let him run around without pants around the Embassy on a Tank shouting “Volcker fear — the war not to go.”

By the way, the reincarnation of Femen didn’t just happen immediately after bizwise. Deffachka think run around Lukashenko and sit on the monument to Vladimir during the procession with the inscription “Putin kills” and will be able to monalisa in Europe bezveze. After accumulating a little experience and fame.

However, I note, Femen-2017 cute, but weak. The bas-relief was sitting, and then almost fainted not crashed. The police shot it out like a cat from a tree. Whether it’s the previous generation — Sasha Shevchenko, Anna Hutsol. They are luxuriously kicking!

But the times were different. It was not the fashion police. Had such a colorful “shooter” as this week in the river, where by gunfire clarifying questions about 119 thousand dollars, that “veterans of the ATO brothers Sakani” had Rabbi Sholom Nachshon. By the way, while discussing this story, in the center of Odessa robbers robbed a Bank client on the track — some Moldovans. Well, in Kiev such action every day.

The country is living anxious and bored, only one Nadia Savchenko, it seems, fell into a depression. Made the party a Quartet of four women — myself, sisters, girlfriends and assistants, she gave a full deep disappointment and sorrow interview under the title “Alive I was useless”.

What is one to say: “I find it easier to have contacts with the enemy than with the President of Ukraine”! Nadia obviously wants to during another trip to ORDA revoked her electronic pass and was not allowed back to Ukraine. Who do not know, “neoslojnennami territories” such a regime borders on the lock and the difficulty of placing a skip on the website of the SBU that the liberal “Schengen” nervously smokes in the corner. What landmark would be deported. To pass of the Hero of Ukraine back captured.