Putin responds with actions on the words of the Makron

The French media wrote about it. It is not hard to understand. In an interview Vladimir Putin gave to the Directors of the largest news agencies during the St. Petersburg international economic forum, there was not one representative of the AFP.

The official pretext of the Kremlin sounded the following way: the French mission was inappropriate for this meeting, which was reserved only for the first and second persons of the agencies. Thus Vladimir Putin sent a hidden but very clear message to the new President of France, who a few days earlier in his presence called journalists of Russia Today and Sputnik propagandists.

Learn whether Emmanuel macron lesson? On this bill there are serious doubts as to the new President tend to confuse PR with diplomacy. While it makes a loud statement (in particular razumeet chest before Putin and trump), his Russian counterpart engaged in diplomacy. During a visit to Versailles, he had to listen to the French leader of a long “reprimand” at a press conference. Nevertheless, he has remained calm and well behaved in hand, as in the beginning of may in Sochi, where Angela Merkel (years, authorities apparently did not make it wiser newfound French leader) gave a similar speech.

Emmanuel macron and Angela Merkel are acting like the spoiled children of Europe, which Russia has twice brought freedom in the last century: first, 13 million Soviet soldiers laid down their lives in the struggle against Nazism, and then Gorbachev found the courage to give impetus to the removal of tension in the cold war in 1986-1987. With incomprehensible confidence, the French President and the German Chancellor believe that they can build a strong and prosperous Europe without Russia. And almost no one in their party and among the opposition is not saying that rhetoric and ignoring the underlying geopolitical forces push your country from the history.

In 1870 offensive words Bismarck against France (emsian dispatch) led to the Franco-Prussian war, which was the prelude to the two world. Grew up in East Germany Angela Merkel and Emmanuel macron, which looks at France through the glasses of “happy globalization”, have no sense of history, a necessary component of the formation of high policy. The life of the PR is short, whereas diplomacy is built in the long term. It requires not only patience but also understanding of the true forces that operate under layers of informational messages.

It is significant that our political class and media did not comment on what happened recently in Eurasia political shift. On 6 June India and Pakistan participated in the meeting of the Shanghai cooperation organization, whose members officially began a year ago. The summit was held in the Kazakh Astana. On this occasion, visited the leaders of Russia and China. The SCO includes 45% of the world’s population, and its members advocate for the sanctity of historical borders. He believe should form the new center of the world economy. The old project of the United States to counter the emergence in Eurasia of concentration of force, which could challenge their supremacy at sea, now buried: SCO (China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, India and Pakistan) have agreed to reject the candidacy of Washington. Iran and Turkey, in turn, seek to become full members of the organization, and their ultimate success is virtually no doubt. Whatever it is, Europe may not be in all this places.

Anyone who follow international politics, it is known that the SCO exists already for fifteen years. The impetus for its formation was the desire of the Eurasian powers to defend themselves after the American interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, it is associated with the need for economic development, which have all countries members of the organization. “New silk road” China represents only one of the axes of the Eurasian construction.

It seemed that after the 2008 crisis, the European Union will begin a rapprochement with the SCO. The party with the United States, whose population is already tired of Imperial adventures, the EU could play the card of the Europe “from the Atlantic to the Urals”, taking the Central position of Russia and its role as the gate to Central Asia and the far East. Nothing like this has happened: during the recent presidential election, the debate focused on the possible rejection of the Euro, and everyone forgot that the global center of gravity has shifted towards Central Asia. Thus the only chance for the survival of the Euro is the willingness of Russia and China to support the European single currency.

Opting for loud statements instead of diplomacy, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel macron are depriving themselves of the role in one of those geographical areas where the world of tomorrow. Everyone has a right to hate Vladimir Putin and criticizing his regime in the style of Napoleon III, however, the appropriate policy is not built on feelings. It’s time to look back, where a power of the XXI century. And to think about possible participation in this ambitious project, which grew out of cooperation between Russia and China, to create a new equilibrium in the world.