The tone of voice of a person depends on the social status of the interlocutor – the psychologist

The pitch of the voice changes depending on who he’s talking to. Figured it out by psychologists, who argue that the main role plays the social status of the listener.

His research scientists published in the journal PLOS ONE.

The researchers conducted an experiment in which suggested the volunteers to be interviewed when applying for a job. It was found that if the participant perceived the interviewer as the person standing above him on the social ladder, his voice became higher. According to the authors, this may be a demonstration of obedience to avoid conflict.

Conversely, the timbre of the voice dropped, if the participant felt more powerful. In addition, the volunteers said a deeper voice, responding to interpersonal issues such as conflict situations.

Also dominant participants that tend to intimidate and blackmail the source, at least change the tone of voice and lowered it, talking to someone who was superior to them in social status. People, high assessment of their social status, not change the volume of the voice that probably indicated their calm and sense of control over the situation.

Coming from a man signals his social status play an important role in the interaction between people, the authors of the work. Understanding these signals, their purpose and consequences, can be understood, and a substantial part of human behavior.