China deploys elite brigade near the North Korean border

As relations between China and North Korea continue to deteriorate due to the insistence of Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons and Intercontinental ballistic missiles, the Chinese people’s liberation army has made what appears to be a preparatory deployment in the border of Jilin province.

The state-controlled newspaper China Military Online 15 Jun published photos of the airborne troops and attack helicopters WZ-10 military air base Hongshulin near the city of Changchun, capital of Jilin province.

It is reported that this division of the 15th airborne army, which was reorganized in April, according to the Sina Military Net. The army transformed into a group of small teams that are attached to various parts of the ground in China.

The report States that for the first time after a reorganisation of some teams belonging to the airborne troops, deployed in North-Eastern China.

In may, City Shikong (“National defense space”), the state military channel that mentioned some “airborne brigade of the air forces of the Northern military district”.

Before the reorganization, the 15th army was based in Syaogana Hubei province with the most troops stationed in the provinces of Hubei and Henan, located in Central China. It is ideal for rapid deployment of airborne troops in any part of the country.

In an interview with the Central news Agency of Taiwan, Chinese military expert song Zhongping said that the restructuring of the airborne troops made them more versatile and able to work with heavy equipment in conjunction with regular troops.

This can be crucial in a situation of war with North Korea, the article says Sina Military Net. Military units that can quickly destroy nuclear and missile Arsenal, Pyongyang, perhaps in the context of large-scale war needed China in order to ensure the safety of its major cities, many of which are within range of North Korean ballistic missiles.