Horoscope for January 15-21: Taurus time to Wake up from a depressive slumber, and the Lions not to overwork

ARIES. “Let bygones, the past, and who can forget two””. Don’t “wrap” yourself, forgive your offenders and repent of mistakes. After all, the saints are not ranked (and now the crisis in the Outlook). Then the conflict “parents — children”, “superior — subordinate” are exhausted. The ability to faithfully serve the people tirelessly work in any area will be a great springboard for career take-off (lucky for Executive Aries), developments of professional skills. Closer contact with management, rebuild bridges of cooperation, you are surrounded by reliable noble partners. And do not focus on family problems, your task is to achieve harmony with the environment at all levels.

If the circumstances are inclined to charity, give alms to the needy (its “range” variety), here you are karmic debts from which you need to get rid of.

If you have a key from other people’s secrets, do not try to use it with malicious intent.

TAURUS. Practicality, cost-effectiveness and benefit — that the pillars on which rests your philosophy of life, and that’s fine. The main thing — do everything with love, to deliver not only herself but others and the joy and favor. Someone else’s evaluation is very important, this is a “test” for the correct action. Listen carefully to the advice of outsiders, just react to the criticism, comments. The path of your destiny strewn with flowers of love to all, and one heart, bound by the ice of indifference, is a very bad sign. Urgent Wake up from a depressive slumber!

Old friends are friends, but do not push them for misconduct. Let them build a career. Themselves to pay on time everywhere! Especially do not steal other people’s time.

GEMINI. The reality of a pragmatic and fork (if not deserved), not in its rules. Language, which prevails “give” without equivalent return she does not understand. Does that give the loan that you need time to recover. Otherwise overdue debt expropriated with penalties. Not on someone else sartes, give — take, but remember the Golden principle of mutual bestowal. In the universe the law of balance of energy works flawlessly on all plans!

In the professional sphere of deja vu, if something returns from the past, then you need to decide and close this topic. There will be only what meets your calling. The main thing — to be an exemplary family man, for there the Foundation is laid for the distant future.

CANCERS. You are bound by the ties of cooperation with partners who have chosen themselves. Go with them, let them dictate the rules, your task — to surrender or to step aside. If the worldview is “reset”, the ideals fail, so you need, they have been exhausted. Don’t panic, leave the ballast, and that is true, what is necessary for the progressive development, will remain. Work and duties will greatly affect your views, but do not have to suffer. After all, here is a test site for professionals where you can not violate the spiritual and earthly laws.

Enjoy family happiness, your house is now under the blessed protection of Heaven.

Setbacks in their careers are proof that your profession is not in demand in the society, you have lagged behind and are not keeping pace with the times.

LIONS. All work and no play. Then you will be healthy and rich. Don’t overdo it, a reasonable alternate work with rest. Undoubtedly, you are a great “work horse”, able to plow the virgin lands untouched, others can’t, and make good money. The goal is to become financially independent is correct and is fatal. And other resources you need only “promote”, the implementation of personal plans. The main thing — not to take the extra.

Everywhere pay on time, send gifts, you need to purchase. And move more, communicate with people, showing full curiosity. The world is beautiful in its diversity, is a unique tonic for the soul, regularly requires inspirational experiences. Everything you need for complete happiness is near!

VIRGO. Your guide — love, fun, creativity. Make friends with the Muses, develop personal life where artistry is an integral part in a variety of scenarios, and do not bother painful problems. They no end or edge. Life is a game where the prizes are proactive, able to ignite and make the right choice. And material achievements are used not for selfish needs, and as a lever for the implementation of noble ideas.

If favorite partners (which, incidentally, are charming, with tremendous inner strength) serve as a brake, it is a signal that they need to change in order for you to adjust. Well, if you don’t want the flag in their hands, let them go their way! Dissatisfaction under a family shelter can go to a valid face. The fatality in the relations was growing.

LIBRA. You have to rush between home and work, but to give preference to family matters. This is a safe berth. Engage in daily life, restore relationships with children, parents, and gratify the pious. They plow up a sweat on the job, and you should be their responsibility to take on. In no other way. The family altar requires your victims. If the service goes out of inertia, without inspiration is a sign that it has outlived itself and no need to force yourself. The range of responsibilities and powers should be reduced.

Engage in personal image, overcome bad habits, you have to Shine with the virtues.

SCORPIONS. You — the standard of clear thinking, practicality, intuition that helps brilliantly to navigate the world using with the maximum productivity of a coincidence. Chances for future relationships very much, but friendships are now playing the role of a lifetime, you without friends is like a tree without roots. But in romantic relationships, pop-UPS from the past, will have a refresher, to put the point. However, true love is unquenchable, and if she was, she was destined to burn in the heart. Adventure and left you bankrupt financially and morally.

ARCHERS. Are you interested in financial stability and it is the most urgent topic. This can be achieved through business skills in demand profession where you can build a career. Good is needed primarily for spiritual development (approved investment in personal spiritual project), and then for domestic comfort. Strive to balance these needs, then the wings will not be associated.

In society you are popular and in demand, have noble friends, but the family hearth, the situation is tense. Here are raffled karmic stories from the past, and very painful to go to the archive memory. Be wise and merciful, for if the braid of the household will find the stone of your integrity, fatal cracks can not be avoided.

CAPRICORNS. You are doomed to eradicate defects, complexes, negative habits, to adopt the best experience of the past and transformed at all levels, to become more perfect. If “overgrown with moss” and do not wish for you to do fate, but very painful. Cuts like a surgeon’s scalpel, all the toxic and unnecessary.

Try to keep your goals, ideas have a humane future for the happiness of others, then you will be able to confidently move forward allies there and help.

Those who have become hostage to their own ambitions, may suffer chronic diseases, to get to the hospital. Find a favorite thing, what would be the best outlet. And be sure to improve your professional skills. Here you “as” that the high command will be rewarded.

AQUARIANS. Get out of the shadow, your place “behind the scenes”. They played a dynamic scenario where you have to solve other people’s problems. To show the initiative should not, save power, and when necessary, fate will call you in the battle on the field of action. By the way, if out, will have to raise the white flag and surrender.

The implementation of personal desires is the path of recourse. Here the Heavens do an audit, because much of what you want, actually you don’t need and hurting.

Work for the return, ask someone to do something around — come meet, share, than the rich. And don’t try to use an ax to grind with friends. Or make friends with those who are beneficial. It’s pointless.

FISH. Enjoy marital bliss, now your fiery hearts beat in unison. Partner — friend, ally, is ready to envelop not only love, but financially secure, because he now carries with the money. Let them boldly “rules”, and you quietly “podstrahovyvayas”. Relations are entering a new stage of development, which is so long dreamed of.

In his career — a tense band. Avoid manipulation, Yes, you are able to its charm magically to influence the boss, but, alas, it will not give the desired result.

If a friend became chief — suffering, rebellion is fraught with unpleasant incidents.