Petya virus has infected Gazprom – media

The computers of the Russian gas monopolist “Gazprom” has also been hacked virus Petya. About it reports Reuters Agency with reference to own source in law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation.

“Computers in “Gazprom” have been infected in the global cyber-attacks on Tuesday”, – stated in the message.

The source did not give details on the number of infected computers, not on the degree caused to the company damage. According to the Agency, “Gazprom” declined to comment.

We will remind, on June 27 the largest hacking attackthat spreads the virus Petya, was subjected to Ukrainian banks, energy companies, government Internet resources and local network of Ukrainian media and a number of other large enterprises.

The attacks began almost simultaneously at about 11:30. Virus that locks computer systems, spread very quickly. It manifests itself in the failure of computers on a Windows platform, your computer restarts and the virus encrypts all the data on it.

Later, the postal and telecommunications of Ukraine issued a number of tips, compliance with which will help you avoid getting infected with a dangerous virus.

On the morning of 28 June, the press service of the Cabinet reported that large-scale cyber attack on corporate network and to the authorities of Ukraine was stopped.

However, the UN suggest that the main purpose of virus attack was not extortion.