How to stay productive all day: three good habits

A huge to-do list for the day, last minute projects and several meetings after work and require some endurance. To achieve all these goals, you need to be productive.

How to do everything and do it efficiently, according to with reference to nutritionist Barbara Mendez.

She talked about what habits should start to feel toned all day.

Daily Breakfast

Often people skip Breakfast or a snack coffee, donut or muffin on the go. If you skip Breakfast, you can lose energy and concentration for three hours. If you eat a doughnut or other refined carbohydrates for Breakfast you’ll probably last another few hours.

The perfect Breakfast for concentration? Vegetable omelette with tomatoes and herbs. Why? Protein becomes a stable source of fuel for your body, it allows you to support you during the day. You stay focused and energetic for five or six hours and have fewer cravings for sugar.

Another good option is a simple oatmeal with cinnamon, almonds, walnuts and flax seed.

Afternoon snack

Snack a few hours after the lunch supplies you with additional energy until the end of the day. It also prevents overeating in the evening. For a snack suitable apples, hummus, carrots or a small smoothie.

A good night’s sleep

Overeating at night or snacking before bed will affect your sleep. Instead, organize yourself a light dinner three hours before bedtime. Get yourself a nice ritual to wind down before bedtime. For example, think of three accomplishments for the day and write down three things in the plan for tomorrow.