Metropolitan Pavel: We should cherish the memory of the fallen soldiers

Vicar of Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra Metropolitan Paul victory Day appealed to Ukrainians.

“In 1945, was won this long-awaited victory. And there was this great event just on Easter day. For our country and for the world – a great and joyous day. This is the day of the triumph of truth and the day of memory of many people who gave their lives for our earthly Home, our earthly Fatherland, for our Holy faith and for the whole world. Because the war covered all of Europe and all rose to the struggle against fascism, regardless of nationality and religion. We have to remember our defenders of the Fatherland, to remember these days. We should cherish the memory, remember our soldiers martyred dead, because they were closer to our present, our current Independence, they did whatever was in their power in the name of his people, his country’s development”, – said in his address.

The Metropolitan recalled that in 1917 the Church was prone to attempt the complete destruction of closed and destroyed churches and monasteries, priests and monks were shot, put in prisons and concentration camps. “But, since the beginning of the great Patriotic war, June 22, at Epiphany Cathedral, Metropolitan Sergius addressed the people in a sermon: “the blessed virgin will help our people to survive the time of heavy trials, and victorious conclusion to the war with our victory”, after that was prayer – the gift of victory. The Metropolitan personally printed the text of the appeal to the clergy and faithful of the Orthodox Church, which was given to all the churches. In all the churches of the country began to read the prayer for deliverance from the enemy. And only since 1941 stopped the persecution of the Church and began to open churches and monasteries. The clergy were released from prisons and camps,” – said Metropolitan Paul.

Many priests went to the battlefield to support the spirit of the soldiers, helped to dig trenches, sometimes by their own example, encouraged to go on the attack, going before the soldiers of the first with a cross in his hands: “wards were opened sanitary facilities to the injured. Here found shelter the elderly and children. Was organized four-hour duty and some priests took part in extinguishing the fires. Often the priests together with parishioners took to farm work. And how many people were praying for victory. Now known to all, Serafim vyritsky, who in 1941 was 76 years, have made long hours of prayer in the garden, standing on sore legs before the icon of St. Seraphim of Sarov, which was attached to the Apple tree, saying that the prayer of one righteous man can save the world. His namesake, the Abbot Seraphim, who served in Arkhangelsk, a few days did not go out of the temple, spending time in prayer for the victory. Many noticed him the gift of clairvoyance, because even when the circumstances at the front was not the most prosperous way for our army, he predicted victory. Parishes organized fundraisers for military purposes. People who donated what they could, giving last. At the expense of the parishes were created air squadron Alexander Nevsky and the tank column of the Dmitry Donskoy”.

For the first time in 1942, was openly celebrated Easter and opened a Seminary. “The war was a severe test for all the people who were going to win, despite the difficulties, hunger, cold. A Martyr’s death ended his earthly journey millions of people. We have to remember that and always thank God for His great mercy. And 9 may, each year, the Church makes a special commemoration of the dead soldiers and people martyred during the great Patriotic war. Prayer to honor the memory of those no longer with us. And bring the words of sincere gratitude and kowtow to the veterans who are alive today. Happy holiday, dear veterans! Congratulations dear brothers and sisters! Yes, bless you!” – wished the Metropolitan Vyshgorodsky and Chernobyl.