After taunts Michael Fallon Russia wants to build a new aircraft carrier

Russia intends to build a new aircraft carrier, as reported by the Deputy commander of the Navy of this country. The announcement came a few days later, after the British aircraft carrier “Queen Elizabeth” went to swimming.

Statement of Vice Admiral Victor Borsuk was made after defence Minister Michael Fallon very sarcastically described the status of Russia’s only aircraft carrier. Sir Michael called “Admiral Kuznetsov” and the old said the Russians will be jealous seeing a British ship estimated at 3.1 billion pounds.

Yesterday Vice-Admiral rear Admiral Victor bursuk said: “the Navy had planned the construction of an aircraft carrier”. Designers in Saint-Petersburg have already made the layout of the ship, and are now engaged in the consideration of the other drawings, he added.

The carrier included in the program of rearmament, the implementation of which will start next year, and the design should be finished by 2025, the Admiral said at the International naval show in St. Petersburg.

“Admiral Kuznetsov” is now preparing to repair the purpose of which is to extend its lifespan for 20 years. Built in 1985 the carrier was in the spotlight last year, when he returned from Syria across the channel, spewing smoke.

Sir Michael laughed at Moscow, when “Queen Elizabeth” on Monday came out of the Bay, the Firth of forth. He said, “after Seeing a few months ago, this old and dilapidated “Kuznetsov”, which went through the English channel, I thought that the Russian will look at our aircraft carrier with light envy.”

The Russian Embassy in London responded immediately by posting on Twitter a screenshot of the review sir Michael with the caption: “Minister Fallon: “Kuznetsov” helped to destroy the terrorists in Syria. It is a valuable asset. What are the successes of the British, and someone who should be jealous?”

According to the statement of Moscow, during a trip to the coast of Syria deck aviation “Admiral Kuznetsov” made of 420 sorties.

It is not known when construction will begin on the new Russian aircraft carrier. Responsible for the armed forces, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, this month said that the decision to build the new aircraft carrier will be made “closer to 2025”, but noted that the Navy needs to determine their priorities.

FSUE “Krylov state research center” presented the layout of the proposed construction of the “supervenes” Storm in St. Petersburg two years ago.

The center stated that multi-purpose aircraft carrier will have a length of 330 meters and a displacement of 100 thousand tons. The ship is designed to “conduct operations in remote and oceanic waters, destruction of enemy targets onshore and offshore, ensure the operational sustainability of the fleet, protection of amphibious landings and defense”.

Main propulsion of the ship may be nuclear and gas turbine, and a deck for its size is equal to three football fields. On the aircraft carrier will be based on up to 90 aircraft. Type of launch aircraft — trampoline and trampoline mixed-ejection.

According to Russian experts, “Storm”, also known as project 23000Э, will compete with American “mobile airport” “Gerald Ford”, which is scheduled to enter service in 2020. The US currently has 10 aircraft carriers.

This week sir Michael expressed the opinion that Russia has been gathering intelligence on the only British aircraft carrier “Queen Elizabeth”, which is currently undergoing sea trials.

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Reader comments

James Lawson XIX
And which of the two carriers actually have planes?

Mrs Sarah Rees
Moscow says that “carrier aviation “Admiral Kuznetsov” made of 420 combat sorties” during a trip to the coast of Syria. “Queen Elizabeth” is theoretically an exemplary aircraft carrier… or Parking for 170 buses, if you believe the press. The aircraft carrier will be called only when there will be F-35B.

KE Birley
Seems like the Russians like to copy what we brag about, and then overtake us. Well, you have to try.
Hey, Russian! We have just held free and fair elections! And many journalists sharply criticize the ruling party without fear that in a mysterious way will be killed.