Neighbors need each other

The destruction of a Russian military plane on 24 November 2015 on the basis of violations of the Turkish-Syrian border has led to the fact that the relations between Turkey and Russia have become worse. To establish relations and bring them to an even higher level than before the two leaders had made a serious effort. During our current visit to Moscow presidents erdoğan and Putin will hold the fourth private meeting after the crisis. For this important event should also be a meeting of Yıldırım (Yıldırım) and Medvedev, which took place in Moscow at the level of Prime Ministers. Since then, thanks to persistent surveillance, communication, and mutual trust between the two leaders in the reconciliation process has made significant progress.

As a result of close cooperation between Turkey and Russia on regional issues, Turkey has made important progress in the fight against terrorism and has become a significant player in Syria. As a result of cooperation with Russia, Turkey, carried out the operation “shield of the Euphrates”, pushed back from its borders LIH (banned in Russia — approx. ed.), did not allow people’s protection Units (YPG) to unite the cantons. Turkey, after cleaning the region, including al-Bab, ISIL, prepared the conditions for the return of Syrian migrants in their homes and created a safe zone for them. However, Mosul and raqqa are still in the hands of this organization. Thanks to the active cooperation of Russia and Turkey in Syria was prevented a possible massacre in Aleppo if a successful evacuation of civilians from the city. This cooperation stopped the deaths of people in Syria, had secured a truce. Thanks to the Astana process, including with the contribution of Iran, the Syrian regime and opposition forces are back at the table for peace talks.


Sincere regional cooperation between Turkey and Russia is the most precious unity, which ultimately can bring peace to Syria. At today’s negotiations the most important topic will be the Syrian issue and fighting terrorism.

In the process of restoration of relations problems in the field of tourism and energy were almost overcome. At today’s meeting between the tourism authorities of the two countries will sign a Declaration. In 2019 in each of the two countries will host events dedicated to cross-year of tourism. Progress was made on exports and agricultural production. With citrus there is no problem. But, as with other types of agricultural products, the Russian side is still being stubborn. Russian bureaucracy and the state apparatus want to stretch of time the complete abolition of these restrictions.

Today in the Kremlin the leaders will first meet face to face, and then in the composition of delegations. After a working lunch will be signed a number of contracts between the two countries. Will be agreed a three-year medium-term program of trade-economic, social and cultural cooperation. In other words, the action plan envisages cooperation between the two countries in all areas over the next three years.

The office for the support and development of small and medium industrial enterprises (KOSGEB), the Patent Institute of Turkey, Academy of the Turkish foreign Ministry, news Agency Anadolu Ajansı, the Ministry of justice, the company Türk Telekom and the Ministry of tourism will sign the Declaration with his Russian colleagues. It is also expected partial abolition of visas, ranging from businessmen and diplomats. In addition, the issues that are not yet able to decide, with the approval of the two leaders will be defined road map.

The most valuable thing in the relations between Turkey and Russia are actions that ensure their cooperation on regional issues. Both countries should know the price and value of this. Required diligence and patience to remove obstacles in problem areas between the two countries. The relations between Turkey and Russia no longer needs to survive a catastrophe like “November 24”. Players who, like Iran, are trying to provoke, to spoil, to poison relations between the two countries, of course, will arise. But Iran, who are in the black list of the USA, always remember that Turkey was his true neighbor.

From the point of view of global and regional balances of peace in the region and the world, economic and political interests, geographical and geopolitical position of Turkey and Russia need each other. Friendship and close cooperation in the interests of each of the two countries.