May want to refuse payment of the EU 60 billion euros after Brexit

Lawyers for the British government, concluded that Britain legally has grounds not to pay the EU 60 billion Euro under the previous agreements, after leaving the European bloc, reports the Times.

“Our legal advice was that there is no need to pay at the end of the process of activation of Article 50,” — said the publication of one of the government sources.

According to the lawyers, there is no law or agreement which may force the British to implement these payments and Brussels has no legal basis to demand otherwise. According to lawyers, the payments may, if they are stipulated in the settlement agreement, approved by both parties.

“Think of it as about the rules of the Golf club. When leaving the club, continue to pay is not required,” said a source.

According to the source, Britain can offer to pay voluntarily, but only if it will ensure privileged access to markets and cooperation in the areas of justice and security.

The British people in a referendum in June 2016, voted for the country’s withdrawal from the EU. In accordance with the decision of the Supreme court, the government submitted to Parliament a bill on the launch of the Brexit. To use the 50-th article of the Lisbon Treaty, withdrawal from the EU the country’s Prime Minister, Theresa may, intends before the end of March.

Earlier it was reported that Brexit would cost Britain to 50-60 billion euros, which London will have to pay the EU under the previous agreements. As noted by a senior source in the EU, the question of the payment of London tens of billions of euros will be one of the first in the agenda of the negotiations with the government Theresa may after the start of the process of withdrawal from the European Union, which is scheduled for March 2017. This amount includes multi-year commitments in the UK.