Neither Putin nor XI has no motivation to abandon their buffer States

Sir, in addition to the letter of Nicholas Goulder (Nicholas Goulder) of 11 April: in the interests of Putin is the maintenance base in Syria, and XI Jinping are happy with the presence of North Korea as a buffer country and nuclear thorn directed toward the United States.


If ever North Korea will be stupid enough to start preparing for a nuclear attack, China will likely first invade there and neutralizes it. Apparently, there are no such motivations, which has persuaded Russia and China to allow to destroy the sources of the benefits they receive from these dependent countries.

Diplomacy is more like a game with many players “Risk” from Hasbro than a two-man chess. Strategy Donald trump’s “America first” with many bilateral trade agreements has little chance against the President’s strategy si according to the worldwide spread of Chinese generosity and influence as it once did and the US itself.

Charles Finch, Huntington beach, CA, USA