Russia will return to the borders of Muscovy

Now you may notice some metamorphosis taking place in the Russian ruling class. A year or two and especially three years ago in their “TV” was a line of politicians, journalists, writers and artists, to push another speech about how Russia should fight until the Western border of Ukraine, freeing it from the Ukrainians. At the same time, offered the most effective from the point of view of these characters, options.

Through one they voiced the benefits of nuclear strikes on Ukraine and other less exotic options. More sophisticated audiences were offered to physically destroy the Pro-Ukrainian population, and gourmets-futurists, proposed to cut all children in order not to have problems tomorrow. Now most of this crowd shut up and nervously breathing, and let’s face it — there is something.


If previously, it seemed that Ukraine tomorrow or the day after will collapse and triggered the principle of “winners are not judged”, but now such a prospect does not even believe the various varieties of Girkin. And if so, once the victory is not, then understand all the more obvious sequence of events. Ukraine will beat or oust the invader and restore its territorial integrity. And then comes the time of responsibility, both personal and collective. All looted and destroyed should be restored and this is always done at the expense of the aggressor.

Saddam Hussein also played in the “liberation of Kuwait”, and look how that turned out. Not only that, he was expelled from Kuwait and can fight, but Iraq had to pay off and liquidate Hussein and many of his henchmen. Russia goes on the same way, and the question of reparations will arise certainly. By the way, personal responsibility also comes, and so many of the “hawks” have turned into sparrows, or even roosters.

But a small category uporotyh government representatives, journalists and experts in the field of global wet meditations continue to broadcast in the old way, because I understand that any worse, but because you can make absurd things, then to affect the insane.

Recently resurfaced bearded wonder known as Sasha Dugin. He put forward another theory about the worthlessness of the individual and absorbing the greatness of pravoslavnoi. He was the interpreter has long been known (since the time of national socialism) theory of Eurasianism, as a result, became aggressive policy of the Russian Federation. That is, he (and only he) decided that Russia is against any regulations, and therefore may shape the geopolitical space in sootvetstvii with primordial passion.

Many Russians are not even aware that a St. George ribbon, the inscription “To Berlin!”, “Can you repeat that!” and so on — the result of such theories. Just herd no one was going to explain something, but just catapulted a simple, clear and close to the slogan “Oink!”, and a herd of easily picked up the “oink-oink-oink.” Any question, deeper than that “oink” would not be understood and will cause aggression. They are happy to draw a map of Europe in their colors and seriously believe that a large part of it should belong to them.

But the events develop in such a way that Russia every day more and more turns from the subject of geopolitics in its object. Finally it will become clear very soon, when the ruble will go a long time employed with low start up sharply and Gazmanov sings “my money — my horses”. For this purpose all conditions are created that this stuff has not just collapsed, but collapsed irreversibly.

Often blurts out the question, what will become of the geographical space, which is still called Russia? By the way, anyone not really know what exactly was supposed to end the operation to collapse of the “scoop”, but all agree that the operation was stopped after implementing only the first phase. The Republic was gone, but a further fragmentation of the Russian Federation has been stopped artificially. To continue the process, the West could simply do nothing, and Russia would have collapsed to the level of regions or even districts. Thus, no special effort was no longer required, it was enough to simply feed this neoimperial and she would have continued the bitter disintegration.

The loss of control over a nuclear Arsenal was hardly relevant. They could then buy at a low cost and trivial to take out. But the West believed Yeltsin and his promise to move towards democracy, and therefore slowed down the process of collapse by urgent financial aid, and Russia, only fresher due to higher prices of oil and gas, threw the West as in the song “Liapis Trubetskoy”, and the situation has run up against the classic principle of “Maєmo scho maєmo”.

But it became obvious that the pendulum has gone in the opposite direction, not so obvious, but it’s noticeably enraged destroying the gas station.

Slightly subdued, the Russians should understand that when they are (standing, long continued applause) welcomed the plans to redraw the borders of Europe and not only opened Pandora’s box, and it is already tomorrow they will have to try for yourself.