Ukraine has sold two Russian tankers

The system of electronic auctions of seized property (SETS) 31 Jul sold two Russian tankers, previously owned by bankrupt companies “Volgo-don ship Agency” (Volgograd, Russia) for a total amount of 10.1 million UAH.

The starting price of electronic auction for the Russian tanker oil tanker “Borislav” has increased 3.5 times – up to 5,113 million UAH, of chemical tanker Niagara – more than doubled, to 5,012 million.

Nine bidders for “Borislav” 30 times increased the rate from 9:00 to 21:31 on July 31.

For chemical tanker Niagara traded five participants from 9:00 to 19:06.


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Note, after the bankruptcy of OOO “Volga-don ship Agency”, the company’s property sold for debt. The company owes 40,094 thousand dollars firm, Cye Petrol Tic Ltd. Sti (Istanbul, Turkey).

The chemical tanker is “Niagara” has a length of 103 meters and width 14 meters. Draught of the vessel is 3.7 meters, Board height — 6,14 metroa, and deadweight — 4035 tons.

Tanker oil tanker “Borislav” in a length of 77.5 meters, a maximum width of 14.3 metres, has a height of 6.5 metres and draught — of 5.41 meters, the deadweight is 3197 tons.

We will remind, sale of shares of “Motor Sich” was canceled, while “Ukrainian exchange” does not disclose the reasons for the failure of the auction.