Inside Putin’s hokamura

What a stupid set of lies in the Oliver stone movie about the fabricated clip in YouTube can tell us about where Putin draws information.

“Let him speak,” said Oliver stone, CNN, spoke in defense of his four-hour documentary about Vladimir Putin, in which the famous American film Director, often as if on purpose avoids follow-up questions that suggest themselves. Restraint and taciturnity of the stone was so obvious that some commentators began to speculate, as if this film will launch the election campaign of Putin in 2018, as it should be show on national public television stations throughout Russia.

And Putin talk. He told long, detailed and indisputable. The majority of Russian audience, he said nothing new and even interesting. But in the film, stone was one important point which says about the true nature of the Putin regime is much more aggressive than many hours of interviews, if any, has taken place.

On 49-th minute of the third series of the film, Putin proudly shows stone a video stating that a Russian air strikes in Syria.

But it turned out that it is shooting from an American Apache helicopter, which was attacked by Taliban militants in Afghanistan in 2009. There is an audio recording of conversation between the pilots in the Russian language. It was also fake. Actually, this is a recording of the conversation of Ukrainian pilots doing battle over Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine (and speak Russian). Shown Putin stone video of an American airstrike recordings of Ukrainian pilots — was posted on YouTube in March of last year. Proud author of the videotape have jokingly renamed it, and now it’s called “Videobomb! Putin personally uploaded it!”

It’s funny, but the truth is far away. Vladimir Putin — the notorious Luddite. Contrary to what the author says in the documentary, Putin has no smartphone. He does not use email, he has no accounts in social networks. It seems that he did not use the Internet. Of course, it is possible that this is all a misrepresentation, and that at night the Russian President actively hacks into computers NCDP, and in his spare time edits a propaganda video. But the truth is, it is impossible to imagine that Putin himself has uploaded a video.

When asked about this strange puncture, Kremlin press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said that there was no error here, and that video provided by Putin, Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. “This part of the report to the President, Peskov said. — The Minister of defence gave it to the President.”

Oliver stone also asked about this video. In his reply to be fully present aggressive bravado dictators, whom he sympathizes: “You start with this blogersha shit? Bloggers say what the bloggers say. Yeah so we spent all day here will sit”. But then he asked a very fair question: why Vladimir Putin to lie, if the Russians in Syria had made “such progress”?

Really, why? And whether consciously lied to Putin? Maybe he really didn’t know what shows the stone? In other words, that it was the Russian commander-in-chief standing at the head of a powerful nuclear powers deliberately dissembled, or the President was misled by his own generals?

Lying Vladimir Putin with extraordinary ease. Maybe he’s a sociopath, maybe because of spy training lies became his second nature. He’s lying all the time lying intentionally. He is never ashamed of doing this, especially on camera. The most memorable example of this lies connected with the Crimea. In March 2014, a reporter asked him if there was in Crimea, the Russian armed forces. Putin responded that “little green men” are local self-defense forces, and that the Russian form of these people could buy in the store, which sold surplus military equipment. A month later, Putin said: “of Course, with the self-defense forces in Crimea were our military”. And by November 2014 Putin has openly boasted: “Yes, I do not deny, of course, is the fact we never hid our armed forces, frankly, blocked the Ukrainian armed forces stationed in Crimea.” In March 2015, the Kremlin showed a documentary film to mark the anniversary of the operation. In it, Putin says the details of the annexation of Crimea, calling date, exact time and so on.

But as for Crimea, Putin had every reason to lie, at least in the beginning. At the initial stage the most important thing was to create confusion, to take the world by surprise. The less you know, world leaders, the better. As time went on, and the Russian leader was engaged in plausible denial, hoping to avoid retribution from the international community, as it did in Georgia in 2008. And when he was introduced by the international sanctions, he has no reason to dissemble, and he began to openly brag about the annexation of Crimea.

So why show fake stone frames, although Russian is certainly a huge amount of footage about the fighting in Syria? Such a lie borders on stupidity, and no sense in it.

I guess we’ll have to take sand to the word and to assume that Russian defense Minister actually gave the President a fake video. Maybe some careless slave had included it in the report, and it all came to Shoigu, and then to Putin. Maybe here there is complete incompetence and negligence in work. But the fact that such material got to the top and appeared in the world media, discrediting the President, demonstrates the more disturbing realities of Central and however, the clueless leadership style of Putin. It shows that Putin lives in his own world.

The view of the outside world and Putin is mainly from the reports prepared for him and lay down on the presidential Desk in special folders. The development of such briefings are engaged in various state bureaucratic apparatus. This applies to the daily reports of the intelligence services, which filters the personal bureaucracy of Putin, called the presidential administration. (Putin also personally inform the various heads, but their access to the President, too, adjusts his personal bureaucracy. Such meetings with officials happen less often, then more often, which ultimately depends on the preferences and mood of the President.)

These “gatekeepers” at the entrance to the chief Executive — a common occurrence in the state system. But as in Russia the power of the personalized, almost monarchical, and concentrated it in the hands of the President, this leads to all sorts of manifestations of nepotism, protectionism and privileged attitude. I know personally that at least one of the Sands, responsible for the collection of news for his boss, called in a favor to his friend and put one state Agency to the top in the presidential documents folder to read.

Of course, Putin is to some extent aware of the faults he created for himself system. Of course, he doesn’t believe his own media reported objective facts. Private TV channel “Rain” recently reported that the reporters working on the main Russian state television stations in different regions must draw up weekly reports on local problems and shortcomings that they see in the field. These messages do not appear in the air, and headed directly to the presidential administration.

Data news important to Putin, because he does not believe fully even as its security services, which compete with each other. Mark Galeotti (Mark Galeotti) said last year the report, drawn up by the European Council on foreign relations (European Council on Foreign Relations):

Since Putin’s very suspicious to the reports of the subordinates of managers, there is a need to refer to multiple sources. Thus, the top-secret telegram from some offices can associate with a news message or document from the analytical center, and the weight they will have equal (and such reports and documents may be registered).

Here it is noteworthy that when Putin is trying to use alternative channels of information, it still relies on the system, and do not read opposition or foreign Newspapers and the reports of think tanks. He remains a prisoner of his courtiers and close associates, which organize the flow of information.

Sands is not the only one who decides what he will see and what is not. Ultimately, he’s just a clerk, albeit highly paid. More important gatekeeper is the head of the presidential administration. Earlier this position was held by a close friend of Putin, Sergei Ivanov, whom President friends of 17 years. This man is just paranoid and very bad attitude towards the West. Last year, he strangely resigned, and his place was taken by a younger Anton Vaino. This faceless bureaucrat, all owing to President, and he has his own, and very colorful theories about how the world works.

And there’s close circle of advisers, whom Putin trusts in General, and to which he listens. Among them, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, apparently, to put the chief in an awkward position fake video is from YouTube. It is also known that Putin listens to former FSB Director Nikolai Patrushev, who now heads the security Council. This man has publicly stated that some psychic had told him about the plans of Madeleine Albright to take away from Russia’s Siberia.

Cut off from objective reality by a high fence, which he himself built, Vladimir Putin is constantly exposed to danger, as it can seriously mislead. The artificial world in which he lives was built by his subordinates, who have very different goals, intentions and perceptions of reality. On the one hand, these child interested in the fact that the system worked well, and that their chief received information in its entirety. And on the other there are opposing forces: the temptation of nepotism, the desire to favor friends, the unwillingness to bring “bad news to the king’s table” and even the possibility for outright manipulation.

Thus, there is a number of very important issues. Does Vladimir Putin about the real state of Affairs in the economy? Does Vladimir Putin real ratings of their popularity? Does Vladimir Putin the real possibility of the Russian army? Funny episode with YouTube videos shows that system is seriously rotten.