Everything you need to know about chicken eggs

Eggs are considered one of the most useful and nutritious foods due to their nutritional value. Eggs are simply necessary for a healthy balanced diet. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and protein that almost completely digested by the body, says likar.info.

The statement that eggs are not useful for human health due to the cholesterol, is considered to be obsolete and outdated. The power of modern chickens has changed, so changed the composition of eggs. Moreover, it has long been known that cholesterol in human body does not directly depend on the diet. Therefore, the good reputation of eggs recovered. Chicken eggs are particularly healthy and nutritious for the elderly, due to high content of lutein and zeaxanthin is a carotenoid (pigment), which helps to resist aging.

What is the use of chicken eggs:

– Eggs often prescribed for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes, due to the rich content of nutrients and vitamins;

– Eggs contain vitamins such as: vitamin a, vitamin D, vitamin E, b vitamins, minerals;

The white of fresh eggs is used in various inflammatory diseases, such as acute acidosis (increase acid-alkaline balance in the human body);

– Raw egg white does not irritate the lining of the stomach and quickly digested. Chicken eggs, it is important to include in the diet in ulcer of the stomach or intestines. Very carefully need to consume protein when inflammation of the pancreas;

– Eggs are easily absorbed and digested, contain few calories. Energy value of raw eggs is 149 kcal;

– Raw eggs – a very effective tool for the recovery of the vocal cords;

Chicken raw eggs useful in diseases of the nervous system. That is why eggs are included in the diet of people suffering from diseases of the nervous system, as well as in the prevention and treatment of people whose work-related neurogenic effects of industrial chemicals (mercury, arsenic);

The combination of lecithin and iron in eggs helps to improve krovoobrashseniya;

– Another plus in favor of chicken eggs – the maintenance of normal blood pressure;

– Recent research shows that eggs can help you lose weight without causing harm to the body;

– Eggs improve lung function, fight bacteria and reduce the risk of cancer.

However, eggs may not always be useful:

– There is a small percentage of people whose body is not able to digest eggs;

– Some children has Allergy to chicken eggs. Most often, this problem goes away. In some cases, allergic accompanies people throughout life;

– Some doctors argue that you can’t eat eggs more than three times a week, because the level of cholesterol in the blood;

– Consumption of too many eggs can lead to metabolic disorders.

Nutritional value of chicken eggs

Chicken egg consists of yolk and albumen. Egg white contains amino acids necessary for the development and functioning of the human body. Energy value protein and 17 kcal, which is about a quarter of total energy value of eggs.

Egg white consists of: 85% of water, 0.3 percent fat, 0.7 percent carbohydrates, enzymes (protease, dipeptidase, diastasis) and vitamins of group B.

Egg yolk also contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, vitamins A, E, and B. the average value Yolk contains 2.7 g protein, 0.61 g carbohydrates, and 4.5 g fat.

Fatty acid composition of the yolk:

– polyunsaturated fatty acid – 18%;
– monounsaturated fatty acids – 52%;
– saturated fatty acids – 28%;

Egg white generally contains 210 mg of cholesterol. Recent studies showed that egg cholesterol is balanced (normalized) lecithin. That is why egg cholesterol is not dangerous for the human body.

Myths about the dangers of egg cholesterol

Some nutritionists believe eggs are harmful to health because of the cholesterol. But we should remember that cholesterol is needed by the body in moderate doses, to regulate the cardiovascular system. In addition, recent studies have shown that moderate doses of cholesterol are not harmful to health of body and do not cause negative effects.

Egg cholesterol is not dangerous, the main thing – reasonable consumption of eggs.

How many eggs can you eat?

There is no exact answer to the question of how many eggs you can eat, not to cause harm to the body. In General, it is recommended to eat about 4-6 eggs a week. For those who have high cholesterol, it is recommended to eat 2 egg yolks and 6-8 proteins per week.

What kind of eggs useful?

Of course, all the useful properties of eggs are preserved when they’re raw. But eating eggs raw can cause salmonellosis (acute intestinal infection caused by Salmonella). Therefore it is not recommended to eat eggs raw. If you choose between fried and boiled eggs, it is better to choose cooked. The less manipulation of the egg is done, the more nutrients they still.