Two days that changed the course of history

One gives the heavy weapons, the other raises the flag. Both consistently tell us: “You are not particularly’t go anywhere!”

Two days Turkey is faced with the harsh measures one after another. Something that is done not directly, but indirectly by ties Turkey’s hands and feet on its southern border.

America and Russia take under his wing a terrorist organization, which years of fighting Turkey, be it the Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK), the Party “Democratic Union” (PYD) or the people’s protection Units (YPG). Formally and actually.

The first step of making America, which two days ago declared that it will give an heavy weapon.

The next day (yesterday) Russia raises its flag on the territory of Syria.

America and Russia holding hands, talking Turkey: “stand back and don’t interfere in anything here”.

“I’m in charge here”


The raising of the Russian flag in Syria — an extraordinary event. Russia is telling Turkey: “don’t try to fight with Assad!” “I’m in charge here!”

Where the state raises flag? On their lands.

So Syria Russia considers “their territory” and Assad allows this. Assad and so from the very outset side by side with Russia.

But if he considers “his territory”, says: “this Here is my jurisdiction”.

From now on, Turkey will not be easy constantly carry out military operations on the border with Syria and its territory in raqqa, Afrin or anywhere else!

Based on the fact that Russia raised the flag on Syrian territory, for every operation to be carried out by Turkey against Syria, it will continue to find ourselves on Russia, not Syria.

Russia, our Northern neighbor, in a moment becomes our neighbor to the South.

America, too.

Thus, we have suddenly two neighbors to the South, America and Russia.

10 and 11 may

More serious side what is happening is that the Agency Anadolu, an integral part of the leadership of the Party of justice and development of Turkey, opened the “secret” underlying the flag-raising:

“The flag was raised to protect the PYD and YPG, an offshoot of the PKK”.

In the future, if Turkey wants to carry out cross-border operations against terrorist organizations in Syria, it will have to think a thousand times, not to mention the fight against Assad.

Russia, raising the flag, said that such military operations, it will count “against you”.

Days 10 and 11 may 2017 especially need to allocate.

These days in our region’s history begins to write again.

These days the two major state formally and actually take under his wing a terrorist organization, and not behind closed doors, and in the eyes of the world.

They must be pre-notified each other that one will give a heavy weapon, the other will raise the flag, and it was their joint decision.

The tale of “leading the country”

But what about the “leading country”?..

The tale that all these lands, from the Balkans to the Middle East, ask us?

But what about the “energy corridor”?..

The tale of the role that was allotted to us all, including all States in the middle East, America, Russia, Europe?

And “our allies”?..

America, Russia, incredible progress, supposedly obtained during different visits?

“Cooperation against terrorist organizations”?..

This tale ends.

Alas, Davutoglu, alas


These tales have a common hero.Led us to all this after the 2011 first foreign Minister, then Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu.

Nothing that he said did not materialize.

No “we will perform Friday prayers in Damascus” or “everything in the region ask us” or “we, the descendants of the Ottoman Empire ruled all, from the Caucasus to the Balkans…”

What story or take.

Foreign policy, which he pursued, resulted in tragedy.

Since the “Union and progress” (political party of the Turkish bourgeois revolutionaries — the young Turks — approx. TRANS.), that is, throughout the century, there was no such defeat.

“Even in Iran”

Russia, flag, America, heavy weapons and a completely different topic that has no connection with all this: presidential elections in Iran.

A rivalry unfolds between the six candidates.

Six candidates appear on television and argue with each other. I’m watching this with great envy and longing, even in Iran…

Over the last 15 years, we do not have any program where going to be the leaders during the elections and entered into debate with each other…

Even this one example will suffice to show what democracy in our country.

“Even in Iran…” people say I two days.