In the Kyiv region presented the scheme of the open budget allocation expert

The new allocation of the budget of the Kyiv region is a real action directed on prevention and elimination of many corruption schemes, said political expert Vladislav Dzividzinska, who commented on his page in Facebook presentation of a new order of distribution of the budget of the Kiev region, recently held in regional state administration.

“The most important thing that should be noted is for the first time (as far as I know) the leadership of the Kiev region gathered all the heads of villages, cities, districts and journalists in order to explain the allocation of budget funds. Everything was made available and humanly, in the form of a normal presentation with clear slides that gave an understanding of the algorithm, which will be the distribution of budget money. It was not “Talmud” of 600 pages in small font which is designed so that it even no one read. It was a screen presentation and a simple chart,” notes Dzividzinska.

According to the expert, the presentation was attended by about 700 people, but hardly the first time they were hearing will be distributed money of the regional budget. “There were about 700 present, and face an overwhelming number of guests I expressed mild surprise, and sometimes disbelief. And all because they never asked and never told, how will be distributed the money, it’s always a mystery with a lot of hidden information”, – says the expert.

Although the “bright future” will not come immediately after the presentation, however, this initiative deserves attention. “I believe that this step is a real action directed on prevention and elimination of many risks of corruption in the Kiev region. As for me, the arrests of corrupt officials is symptomatic of the struggle, and a struggle is necessary to eliminate corruption risks. In General, it is necessary to build a system to minimize the possibility of looting,” – said the political expert.

The human factor in decision-making on the distribution of money is minimized, “in particular, the possible influence of the Governor in making decisions on the allocation of money.” “Time for promises has passed, and the people are few who believe, they want results. A new system of distribution of finances just contributes to effectiveness, because it is assumed that cities and villages will first submit their proposals, and the output to obtain the financing on the objects that they need in the first place, the public will be able to monitor progress and spending,” says Dzividzinska.

In addition, “this initiative is a practical implementation of the President’s strategy of decentralization. This logic is based on the principle multi-level communications, not just orders from above”, adds the expert.

The simpler and clearer for all scheme of work, the harder it is to steal. And with the budget: “the more formulas and difficult words – the more you steal.” “However, in my opinion, a new scheme of budget allocation is simple and clear, it eliminates a lot of corruption risks and is essentially correct,” the expert concludes.