The crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, we can for three days to destroy Russian forces in Syria

The new crown Prince of Saudi Arabia 31-year-old Mohammed bin Salman al Saud (Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud) is considered a major figure in the disastrous and criminal war that Saudi Arabia is waging against the neighboring country of Yemen. He spoke about his attitude to Russia. In an official statement of Saudi Arabia to the press June 23, 2017 he said that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russia are the main threat to Saudi Arabia: “I think that in Syria there are many terrorist groups that should be suppressed. But the Russians are trying to spread terrorism in the middle East. It is not difficult to understand how these terrorists were encouraged by the fact that Russia is helping the terrorists attacking the militias of the Syrian free army.”

The young warlike Prince went even further in his subsequent statements: “Saudi Arabia will not use soft methods in relations with Russia, we will send an ultimatum to Mr. Putin. If Russia will continue indiscriminate bombing, we must say that, despite the complications, we will take steps to restrain its forces. Russia should remember that our military capabilities sufficient for three days to destroy the Russian forces in Syria.”

It’s one thing when Saudi Arabia is the largest arms importer in the world, and when this country in Syria has had and has the massive support of so-called rebels read: terrorists. But when he said that his Kingdom “for three days might destroy the power of Russia in Syria”, you begin to wonder about the health of the crown Prince.

His country, despite its huge arsenals of weapons, their Sudanese mercenaries and its completely senseless war for two years and three months are unable to do anything with the militias of the Houthi in Yemen, and now he wants three days to defeat Russia. It is clear that the princes of the monarchy lead their lives under very good protection, but there must be possible to establish at least minimal contact with reality outside the palaces.

The problem lies in the fact that the speaker is not just crazy, and the man in charge of the foreign policy of Saudi Arabia, the closest US ally, Israel, Germany and NATO.