The Americans criticized trump for his Twitter

More than two thirds of Americans surveyed by The Wall Street Journal/NBC News believe the active use of Twitter microblogs for communication elected President of the USA of Donald trump with the nation and the world a bad decision.

According to the WSJ, 69% of respondents agreed with the statement that “such reports without scrutiny can in an instant can lead to unintended serious consequences.” While such practices responded with disapproval 47% of Republicans, about 66% of independent voters and 89% of Democrats.

Only 26% of the respondents positively responded about activity of the future President on Twitter because “it allows the President to communicate directly with people without delay.” Among Republicans, the figure is much higher: 46%.

The whole approach trump to communicate in social networks do not welcome all age groups, a surprisingly high percentage of young Americans (18 to 34 years), responded negatively on Twitter of the future President – 76%.

Almost every morning, trump published several short messages in Twitter on various topics, from health care and foreign policy to criticism of the TV show Saturday Night Live in which prodiraetsya his image.