The Russians boasted the new tank, the T-90M

In the corporate calendar of the Ural design Bureau of transport engineering appeared first on the new modifications main battle tank T-90 for the Russian army, – writes “Popular Mechanics”.

It is reported that the T-90M created in the framework of development work “break-3” and is a further modernization of the models of the T-90AM (“Advance 2”) and its export version of the T-90CM demonstrated back in 2011. The key difference from previous models is the tower of a radically new design with accommodation of ammunition outside the crew compartment, which should increase the survivability of the tank in combat.

The tank is also equipped with an upgraded 125-mm gun with extended barrel and new automatic loader. Judging by the photos, the T-90M is equipped of anti shaped-charge lattices installed in front of the tower under the modules of the complex dynamic protection of third generation “Relic”. Also, the new tank received multi-channel gunner’s sight equipped with a laser range finder, thermal imaging and TV channels.

It is noted that in comparison with previous models of T-90, the new tank has increased the engine power to 1130 horsepower. T-90M is equipped with fire control system “Kalina”, which is integrated into the combat information and control system tactical level. In the picture we can consider another construction of side screens, additional shielding of the frontal projection of the tower and probably the protection of the tracked branch.