How to disguise the split ends of hair: TOP ways

Experiments with hair, are so fond of girls, not always pleased with their result. And often in the regular staining or failure of the series to care your hair look terrible.
The first thing you need to know about split ends – they do not “glue”.

Despite dozens of advertising promises, cosmetics can only conceal the problem but not solve it. Thanks to beauty tricks, you can “live” until the next shearing or shear off dry hair gradually, if the issue of hair length is especially important.

1. Coconut oil

Photo: Pixabay

First magic wand at the problem of dry ends should be coconut oil. Its composition has all the qualities to seal layered hair.

To use coconut oil after shampooing, on damp hair: take some butter (about the size of a match head), RUB it into your palms and apply evenly to ends of hair. Next, go to the installation.

2. Lamination of hair

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For those who are not willing to do something after each shampooing, there is another way lamination of hair.

Due to the special composition, laminating the tool will create a breathable film around each hair, making them healthy and protecting it from further damage.

3. Oil mask

Photo: Lady in Life

Another proven method to hide split ends – regular oil mask before shampooing. Best use of avocado oil or wheat germ: apply warmed oil to the ends for 20 minutes before washing.

Must carry out the procedure three times a week. You should pay attention that the oils are heated in a water bath.

4. Curls

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Tresses great mask non-ideal ends. Especially if before start styling the hair of some natural oil.

It is best to create curls large Curling, Curling the tips inside.