Why is everyone suddenly want to become a “sapiosexuality”? This is nonsense!

Sapiosexual. If you don’t know what it means, you’re not. This is a trait of a certain group of people. For sapiosexual, by their own admission, at the beginning of a romantic relationship, the decisive quality of a potential partner is not his appearance, and intelligence.

Now if you’re not sure, did you already have ever the man with sapiosexual orientation, here’s a hint: the quantitative figure of people who at the party tell you that they have no TV, although they didn’t ask, and people who consider themselves sapiosexuality, represents just a circle.

This is already apparent in the recently emerged new word, forgive the neologism “sapiosexual” in which the Latin word “sapere” (which means “to know”) is used to denote sexual orientation. However, unfortunately, that word has become the insider term for doctoral students-sociologists.

OkCupid, one of the largest Dating sites in the world, some time ago in the box sexual orientation added category “sapiosexual” along with such categories as gay, bisexual, queer and others. There is even a special app for Dating (Sapio).

What’s the problem?

At a time when the main different from a heterosexual sexual orientation get your recognition, do we need to be tolerant to this orientation, as sapiosexuality?

The main point is that sapiosexuality sounds like a sexual orientation, but is not. It preferences. Sapiosexual people are really looking for a certain type of personality. You can be heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, or pansexual, and to be sapiosexual.

But the attraction to intelligence is just a preference, nothing more. So, sorry, but a romantic interest in bookworms is not a sexual orientation, regardless of how strongly excite glasses, lab coat and thick volumetric flasks.

And it doesn’t have to cause a sense of superiority, because it is no better than when they seem exceptionally attractive people with relief muscles or large Breasts.

In addition, a rich vocabulary or a good General education attracts many people. The concept of sapiosexual is nothing more than a tool to distinguish yourself from those you think are stupider than themselves.

Academic education is only an indication of a very specific form of intelligence, which today is accompanied by numerous benefits. In the matter of sapiosexuality we are talking about social delimitation, which grows stronger in times of decreasing middle class and the ever-present fear of social degradation.

Thus, the one who calls himself sapiosexual wants us something about yourself to tell.

Despite the Internet and algorithms, fall in love today has not become easier. If this way, during search, at least, can be formulated that search is not necessary, then maybe it will be useful.

But if the people do not have a classical academic intellect and education, will be systematically excluded from the search results as potential partners, it definitely raises concerns.

That is why, perhaps, it is better to leave sapiosexual their designation. So, at least, of course, someone should be avoided, intelligent person.