The Ministry of health launched the eHealth: what will change in hospitals

Hospitals move to electronic health care system. The Ministry of health officially launched eHealth. Hospitals already are registered in the system. Since August, doctors will begin to make changes in database all patients. Why Ukrainians electronic health system, found out the website Today.

When medical records will be electronic

The eHealth system will give patients the opportunity to choose a doctor and book an appointment at a convenient time. To do this, Ukrainians need to sign up with your family doctor or practitioner Declaration. After the medic made it into the system patient information: passport data, identification number, telephone and email to confirm your registration. In addition, eHealth will be the instrument of a payment to a physician, says Deputy health Minister Pavlo Kovtonyuk.

So, for one patient the national health service will pay the doctor 210 hryvnia per year. The more the doctor will register electronic declarations, the greater will be his salary.

“The system we need to implement reform when the money goes for patients. So we knew exactly what the doctor has done his work and received for his services the money. This is the first goal we want to achieve. Until 2020, when the whole reform will take effect, we will need to implement the making medical data of patients, the patient was able to look at your online help where he was, what he was given,” – said Kovtonyuk. In addition, online patients will be able to see the results of their tests. soup

First enter information about yourself in the database will be hospital. Then the Parliament must vote for the laws that make the law the concept “electronic health care system.” The Ministry expects that the system will register the doctors are primary care physicians, family doctors and pediatricians. From August to eHealth, doctors will make a Declaration against the Ukrainians.

“It will be a registry of patients, physicians and medical institutions. Eventually we will switch to electronic prescriptions, electronic medical records,” said acting Minister of health Suprun.

“It will be a registry of patients, physicians and medical institutions. Eventually we will switch to electronic prescriptions, electronic medical records,” said acting Minister of health Suprun.

Who will pay for the computers

The new service will open new opportunities and doctors. The hospital administration will be able to gather Analytics on morbidity, to know which of the doctors is more popular, says head of the project “Polyclinic without queues” Arthur Verba.

“Our service anticipates making an appointment to the doctor from the patient – even choice of physician. As for clinics and doctors – is a convenient thing to regulate the flow of patients in order to prevent Windows from doctors – nedozagruzheny. There is a possibility to expand this system is the introduction of electronic prescriptions, patient cards, and so on,” says Arthur Verba.

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According to Uliana Suprun, in most Ukrainian hospitals have computers and the Internet. Where there is no, acting Minister advised to look for money in the city budgets and the decision of local councils to purchase equipment for health facilities. In addition, next year the Ministry of health will provide money in the budget for investment projects. Some of these funds can also go for the purchase of equipment.

“Many hospitals have we have the Internet and computers. Those hospitals that do not have access is a question of use of money, the question of hospitals themselves. We often go to hospitals and see that many have computers. I was even in the villages, where he set up an electronic registry and transfer paper medical records into the system. For registration you need only a computer or even a smartphone. There is no need of big technology. It was our task, to the hospital did not buy expensive computers and software,” said Suprun.

Who will pay for electronic health system

The system development will cost 400 thousand dollars. According to the leaders of the project management office eHealth Yuri Bugai, the money for the service given to the Ministry of health, international donors, including the canadian Embassy and USAID. Kovtonyuk Paul says that for health professionals and citizens access eHealth will be free.

The system will operate on the basis of private development of medical information systems. While on the website of the eHealth registration is available through four services: “Polyclinic without queues”, MEDICS, and Helsi ESME. The system has already checked in 26 health facilities of the 15 settlements of Ukraine. To combine different services will be a “Central component” are working in the Ministry of health. All information about doctors and patients will be stored in the private registry and in the system eHeаlth. For security, all data will be encrypted.

It was a decision in principle to build a two-component system. It will be a government component, where and are served by common denominators – the base registries of patients, physicians, medical institutions – in the future, the registry of drugs, classification of medical services. The business undertakes the implementation of the project. To remove the corruption component, the functional reporting within the business systems for the state will be free. So in Ukraine you can very quickly spread eHeаlth,” – says Andrew Hare, a member of coordination Council of the Ministry of health on the introduction of e-health.

The so-called “Central component”, which will communicate private information system is not yet ready. According to Andrew Hare, at the moment is the only one for all forms of establishment of the register of hospitals, doctors, patients, and declarations between them.

The business could earn on other services. For example, electronic services staff management, maintaining medical records and statistics may be paid, says the Hare.