Mexico on sanctions against Venezuela and Russia

And these people will negotiate the North American free trade agreement (TLCAN)? That’s what comes to mind when we are told (and then confirms CIA) that the government of Enrique peña and the government of Colombia to join the US sanctions against Venezuela to destabilize the country. In addition, in the negotiations will participate, and Rick Perry, two weeks ago, the White house appointed to the post of Minister of energy.


It is unacceptable and risky to support covert operations conducted outside the framework of existing international law, especially when the former commander of the Southern command, and then Minister of internal security of the USA General John Kelly was appointed White house chief of staff. As commander of the Southern command, Kelly coordinated secret operation Freedom Venezuela, followed by Venezuela Freedom 2, to change the regime by undermining the economy, the use of the hooligan elements and street violence, that is what was rejected in the referendum.

It is very risky to hire the services offered by US. It is highly imprudent to support the criminal actions of the state, forgetting about the aggressive wars waged by the us over natural resources and strategic interests. They are already devastated Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, periodically strikes on Pakistan, support the aggression against Yemen, was involved in the preparation of the coups in Honduras and Paraguay. If they will negotiate on TLCAN, let him not tell us about the laws of the market economy. They are led by the invisible hand of the Pentagon and its monopolies. Why would they need an additional base to the South of the Rio Grande? Why the head of the diplomatic Department of the USA Tillerson and General Kelly so quickly seek to establish control over the Venezuelan hydrocarbons, if, according to official statements, using the technology of hydraulic fracturing, the United States can provide itself with shale oil and gas for 100 years?

Sanctions against Russia are directly related to hydrocarbons, which provide the planet with warmth and geostrategic goals and a passionate desire to seize the European market for natural gas, the main component of which is methane — are rapidly pushing the Earth toward climate disaster. Trump is the main proponent of natural gas exports — suggested that the poles access to alternative sources of energy to this country and its neighbors have never been held hostage to only one source. After that, relations between the United States and the European Union has intensified. The sanctions are detrimental to the energy cooperation of European companies with Russia, namely the project “Nord stream-2” length of 1 200 kilometres, running from the Russian coast of the Baltic sea to Germany. Its capacity is 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year. Now considering plans for the construction of the second line that will increase capacity two-fold. Now let’s think that it is better and cheaper: gas or liquefied gas and its transportation in tankers at a distance of 9 thousand nautical miles, for example, from the port of Galveston in Texas, where the plant for production of liquefied gas.


That is why European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said that the sanctions against Russia undermine the implementation of projects playing a key role in ensuring the energy security of the European Union, the maintenance and modernization of Russian pipelines, pumping liquid fuel in Ukrainian gas transportation system. He also stressed the importance of key projects, ensuring the diversification of energy sources, in particular, Nord stream and rossiiskogo terminal for pumping of liquefied natural gas allocated for export. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany and the Federal Chancellor of Austria criticized the U.S. plans for the introduction of new illegal sanctions in the energy sector and said that European companies are not obliged to join them.

In parallel, the world’s leading media has launched an extensive propaganda campaign against Moscow and Caracas. As said Claude Katz, about Venezuela only transmit ominous information, creating the image of a dictator in conflict with the democratic opposition. With data in hand it shows all the unsubstantiated allegations. Basically people were killed as a result of looting or indiscriminate shooting within the opposition marches, or in the actions of the snipers associated with the opposition. The most recent data indicate that most of the victims died as a result of rampant street violence or clashes between groups.

Focusing on Venezuela, the media did not write about the murders in Colombia: 46 leaders of social movements and another 120 people were killed in 14 months. From 2002 to 2016 paramilitaries killed 558 activists. For two decades, was killed 2 500 people! Deafening silence they keep in relation to Mexico, where crime has increased dramatically since 2008, when the implementation of the complex military-police activities in the framework of the Merida initiative. On the website Semáforo Ciudadanos Santiago Roel brings a lot of evidence and facts and a strong call for peace in Mexico.