Trump admitted in the absence of the records of the talks with the former head of the FBI

The US President Donald trump said that he had not recorded the conversation with them retired FBI Director James Comey. Although trump has hinted at it when Komi warned against leaks in the media. The conflict began after the resignation of the head of the FBI – Komi said that taking notes after meeting with trump, transfers Bi-bi-si. “Given all the recent reports about surveillance, interception, and exposures of illegal leakage of information, I have no idea whether there were “tapes” with recordings of my conversations with James Comey,” wrote trump on Twitter.

“But I do, and I don’t have any records,” said the President of the United States.

In may, two days after the dismissal of Komi, trump hinted in his Twitter that such records he might have. He also said that for the Komi Republic “would be better” if the records of these conversations did not exist.

“Before “merge” information to the media James Comey, the better to make sure that there are no records of our conversations,” wrote then U.S. President. The white house has not confirmed nor denied the existence of these records.

The statement of trump then took it as an attempt to put pressure on the Komi before the hearing at the Senate Committee on intelligence, in which Komi had to tell about the investigation of relationships trump with Russia.

After the resignation of Komi said was taking notes after meeting with trump, when he considered their contents are invalid. American media reported that the President sought from the head of the FBI’s loyalty, first and foremost in the investigation of possible Russian intervention in elections in the United States.

In his opening remarks issued by the Committee before the hearing on June 8, Komi Republic said that during these meetings trump demanded his devotion and asked her to stop the investigation against his former national security Advisor Michael Flynn, who was suspected of concealment of contacts with the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak.

On the hearing of the Komi said that his dismissal was an attempt to influence the course of the investigation relations campaign trump with Russia after Trump failed to persuade him to stop the investigation. “I know that I was fired in connection with the investigation. It somehow pressed on trump and irritated it,” said Komi.

The former head of the FBI also commented on the warning trump of the records of their conversations. “I saw a tweet about the record. God, I hope that the records exist,” said Komi.

The trump also spoke with journalists about the content of their conversations with Komi. According to him, asked the head of the FBI that is under investigation in the Komi replied in the negative.