How Saudi Arabia has saved the lives of hundreds of people in the West?

Prime Minister Theresa may made a statement about the role of Saudi intelligence in saving the lives of hundreds of Britons thanks to coordination between the two countries in the fight against terrorism. Intelligence service and the security of Saudi Arabia have a high level, surpassing many of his colleagues in the East and West, as well as invaluable their ability to penetrate the majority of the terrorist organizations to protect the lives of innocent people all over the world.

The day before his visit to Saudi Arabia Theresa may said: “the threat of terrorism that we face due to the lack of geopolitical stability, requires us to fight… we must never forget that the information we received in the past from Saudi Arabia saved the lives of hundreds of people in the United Kingdom.” This is not the first time a senior Western official speaks to the high quality of Saudi intelligence and the need to capitalize on their opportunities. Minister of national security of the United States John Kelly said that his government runs the risk of a serious threat to opponents of the decision of the President of the United States Donald trump to prohibit citizens of certain States entry into the United States to “protect the nation from terrorism.”

John Kelly was faced with a lot of accusations and questions of opponents at the hearings in the Congress on 7 February. In the forefront flashed the same question: “Why does not denied entry for Saudi Arabia citizens in America?” The response of the Minister of the United States national security was calm and sure when he replied: “Saudi Arabia is not included in the list of countries whose citizens denied entry to U.S. because of the security system and a strong intelligence bodies, which are constantly cooperating with the us authorities. So we know who comes to us, and what they intend to do.”

Minister Kelly was not exaggerating, saying that Riyadh has prevented a large number of terrorist operations against Washington over the last two decades. Saudi Arabia in 2003 gave the US three Americans suspected of links to terrorism, and in October 2010, the report showed that Saudi intelligence was able to defuse the explosive device, hidden in notebooks in the UK and Dubai, placed there by al-Qaeda (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) for shipment to USA. Also Saudi intelligence in 2012, failed to prevent a bombing in Washington, thanks to the introduction of its people in the Yemeni branch of al-Qaeda. They were able to remove the device from the aircraft and transmit it to the CIA. Later, the US administration said that the terrorist operation was to coincide with the anniversary of the assassination of the leader al-Qaeda Osama bin Laden.

The superiority of the security services and intelligence agencies of Saudi Arabia, who are fighting against terrorism, is a source of pride for the Saudis. Undoubtedly, this is also an element of political power in Saudi Arabia, which makes it an important strategic partner and key ally of the most influential countries of the world. And all this thanks to the efforts of the security personnel fighting against terrorism under the leadership of crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, and under the leadership and with the support of king Salman bin Abdul-Aziz.