Manifestation of pity teaches children to “learned helplessness” – us expert

Wes Granger arrived in Kyiv to share the experience of helping people with disabilities. In an interview with “Today,” he explained why people with disabilities cannot be a pity.

“People with disabilities need to show pity, as any other person who is going through a difficult phase. But the constant manifestation of pity teaches them to “learned helplessness”. In this case, they will not develop. This is very dangerous – to have pity. Besides, such an attitude is disrespectful. So a healthy person shows a person with a disability that the lower status. But such people can make the same part, as we walk, have fun, chat and so forth,” said Wes Granger.

According to the expert, it is important to engage a child with a disability from childhood. To do this, Ukraine needs to introduce a single system of early intervention so that doctors and social workers helped parents to develop

“The organization I work for, there is a separate building for early intervention. There are children from birth. Once diagnosed, the specialists teach parents to interact with different types of behavior, recommend which doctors to contact. There are different programs for supervision. But children are not separated from parents, and Vice versa – teach the family how to help the child to develop. Statistics show that the sooner you to apply a mechanism of early intervention, the more positively it affects the child,” added Granger.