If we think only about themselves, Russia immediately make use of it

Western sanctions bring Russia less damage than its own inability to modernize its economy, is dependent on the price of oil and gas. However, this does not mean that sanctions have no effect. They restrict the possibilities of Moscow, for example, obtaining Finance and technology, as well as contribute it to the fact that the Russian economy is ineffective.

Also due to the sanctions, Putin less on the next Imperial attacks. Not to mention how sanctions hurt the oligarchs in Putin’s entourage. The best effect ever. Sanctions are often criticized for the fact that they are harmful primarily to ordinary people. But if in Russia it’s different, the better.

However, the fact that sanctions would have been even better if it was consistent. However, for this Western countries and companies need to abandon the selfish and very controversial political and economic interests. In fact they Russia cleverly uses to their advantage.

In December 2015 the Ministers of the seven Eastern European EU member States wrote a letter to Brussels. In this they protested against German-Russian gas pipeline project “Nord stream — 2”. The pipeline is a huge bargain, best German companies. The project would have allowed Germany and Russia to control gas supplies in Central and Eastern Europe, especially if Russia will refuse transit of gas through Ukraine. And this the main benefit of the “Nord stream — 2” for Russia.

Against this project, of course, are those countries who fear dependence on Russia, or those who receive income from gas transit. The letter was signed, including Slovakia and Hungary, although their position was not fundamental. Hungary does not want the “Nord stream — 2”, but supported the “South stream”. This project, which Russia promoted for similar reasons, included the laying of a gas pipeline on the territory of our southern neighbors. Prime Minister fico constantly blames the problems with the supply of gas only to Ukraine, therefore, most likely, he would not oppose the pipeline, which leads to bypass Ukraine, if not for the transit fees.

Germany, participating in the project “Northern stream — 2”, also thinks only of himself and spits on the losses incurred by others. In addition, Germany was trapped. In most of Europe, gas consumption is reduced, and it is possible that expensive “Nord stream — 2” and not have to use. However, Germany did a stupid thing and stopped its nuclear power plants. To replace only the gas stations. Thus, Germany has deepened its dependence on Russia, and probably became the only country in Europe that really might need “Nord stream — 2”.