Algerian posted two year old son from the window of the 15th floor for likes on Facebook

In Algeria two-year-old boy shocked the social network Facebook by a strange deed which would like to collect more likes.

The man hung his two year old son out the window of the apartment, which is located on the 15th floor, holding it only by the shirt with one hand. He photographed the boy on the phone, reports Al Arabiyа.

In the caption to the picture he pointed out: “1,000 likes or I quit.”

Users of the social network was angered by this the men, while the post drew the attention of the local authorities.

The Algerian was arrested and sentenced to two years in prison for cruelty to their child.

According to child psychologist, this incident will forever be imprinted in the memory of the baby, which can later begin to suffer from panic attacks and phobias.