What color is the Nazism?

For many years in Prague was a Soviet tank is-2. He stood on a stone pedestal in the square kinských (in the days of Czechoslovakia, it was the Square of Soviet tank). Yes, it was not “the one” T-34 tank number 23, who first moved to Prague. But now it sounds even the view that the arrival of the red army did not have such big values, because Prague was liberated by the Russians, that is, members of the Russian liberation army (ROA). It is strange to hear such an opinion, because the participants of the ROA fought in the form of the Wehrmacht and already took the oath to Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Reich.

Let’s face it: mainstream media is not notice 50 thousand dead Soviet soldiers of the red army (USSR), who died during the liberation of Prague in may 1945. Media interested in the most controversial Vlasov in the uniform of the Wehrmacht. It should be noted that the members of the POA originally swore the USSR, but the military oath is a matter of honor. Then Vlasov swore again — this time Nazi Germany. Ultimately it so happened that, wearing German uniforms, Vlasov began to help the may uprising in Prague and opened fire from all weapons on other soldiers of the Wehrmacht. Using sports terminology, Vlasov rushed to score own goals. Not surprisingly, after a couple of months they managed to “score” the astonishment of the Germans.

Then the question arises why the people of Prague did not put a monument to the soldiers of the Wehrmacht, once they liberated the city? Is this idea far-fetched? Was Vlasov dressed in German uniforms or not? Sorry, was. Well, okay. Prague residents are not erected war memorial Vlasov before the revolution of 1989, because, probably, were afraid of the Communists. But why a monument was not set then? Why, after 1989, in the square Kinsky pride of place is not occupied, for example, the Nazi “Tiger”? Why until now this has not happened?

The first of June 2017 in Ukraine, the Kyiv city Council decided to rename the Avenue named after the Soviet General Vatutin. Now Kiev prospectus will be named in honor of Roman Shukhevych, who, like Bandera, was a Nazi collaborator. Similarly collaborated with the Nazis and Vlasov. When the Germans were profitable, all these people received the green light for the implementation of German plans. Theyacted with cruelty which struck even the Nazis themselves. The European Union on this occasion remained silent.

Today in the Baltic States and Ukraine, held an annual procession with burning torches, which I remember with nostalgia about the SS. In Latvia, the Waffen-SS has even put up a monument. What’s going on? Why in the minds of the inhabitants of Prague — such ideas? How this contributes to the “pink tank”, which now carry through the streets of Brno? No one is going to embellish the policy of the USSR, but during the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia is not exactly lived the same way as during the German Protectorate, and bombs on Prague does not drop. It, rather, is that in different parts of the world the Czech Republic (in NATO) taking part in military operations (either directly or indirectly by giving political agreement), which the local population considers occupation. I mean, for example, the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999, and preceding events in the Balkans. In other words, today we lose reason to paint a Soviet tank pink.

Who fought with whom? Who is fighting whom?

For example, in Ukraine until 2014, that is long before the “Crimean events”, desecrated graves of Soviet soldiers, and — like now — destroyed monuments to the red army. Although they are, according to the Atlantic Charter (1941), were allies of the West in the war against Hitler’s Nazis. At the Nuremberg trials it was stated that during the Second world war by the enemy — including the Czechs, the inhabitants of Prague and Brno — were not the soldiers of the red army tanks T-34 or is-2, and the men who wore the form of the Wehrmacht, and all of their equipment and, most importantly, ideology. It involved the extermination of entire Nations and races. Men in uniforms of the Wehrmacht liked to be photographed with the corpses of executed enemies… the Nazis were boiled soap of human bones and made handbags of human skin. Tank is-2, which once stood on the square Kinsky, was put there by mistake. The mistake, however, made by those who paint him pink.

Psevdoholinesterzoy crazy David Black, vandalism, opportunism and cowardice

This begs the question: why is David Black has not shown his spirituality until 1989? Why is he not climbed on this Communist monument to the velvet revolution and not painted tank is-2, by the most honest way, if it really wanted to? Black could repaint the tank in the times of deep socialism, as they say, when the Bolsheviks, under totalitarianism, when commies… But David Black waited, when it will be safer. Even after the “heroic” act in 1991, and he had some problems with the police, he went to the post-revolutionary euphoria, as a surfer on the coastal wave that will not sink. The deputies, who in 1991 sided with David Black (speaking the name!), and who desecrated the tank, when it again colored in pink, used his parliamentary immunity. They knew that they will not lose their cheap lunch in the parliamentary canteen, knew I wouldn’t wear a striped uniform and handcuffs.

While tank is-2 had the status of a cultural monument. He was a symbol of the 50 thousand of the fallen Soviet soldiers, a symbol of the victims of Nazism, a symbol of victory over those who responsible for Holocaust, genocide and the attempt to exterminate whole Nations! David Black, like 15 deputies of the Federal Assembly chose the easiest way quickly and cheaply “self-promotion.”

Probably none of them understood, which contributes to the spread of modern Nazism. They were driven by simple ignorance. Or “artists” still, somebody paid? Modern Nazism was born in the 90-ies in our country. Then it was “pink butt”.

Perhaps David Black — may be unconsciously — decided to confuse people by posting on the žižkov TV tower black babies. Or is it an allegory for a process which began with the pink tank and ends with the Maidan in Ukraine (violent coup d’etat against which the EU does not object)? In this light, it seems strange why in the early 2000s, the EU was so worried about Finnish meringue, on the cardboard packaging which was depicted two kissing a black baby in the sun? The European Union has banned this delicacy called “Negro Kisses” (SUUKKOJA, NEGERKÜSSE).

But today’s violent coups (the orange revolution) do not cause problems. In the end, this is a very interesting show that should support cookies. The main thing — that on the biscuits no one wrote about black children. And only God David Black can afford (what is allowed to Jupiter…) to throw in the mixer, different kinds of chauvinism and blind from them a dead horse Wenceslas IV. So the tank is-2 was lucky.

Whether on a pedestal stand T-34 Goncharenko? The tank that exploded on Larowe?


It is no wonder the desire of the USSR to install on the former Square of the Soviet tank tank that could “please” at least the next generation. By the way, we are talking about the symbol, which refers to the red army and its victorious campaign against Nazi Germany. More precisely, participated in the campaign and even allies, but they have enough “advertising” and without the article. Therefore, from the point of view of logic on a pedestal is not necessarily needed to stand a real T-34. Although, of course, it would be better. How many monuments with exposed T-34 remains today in the Czech Republic? Perhaps one only, in Starovice (five kilometers from Hustopece).

Dance on the bones like barbarians

The desecration of the graves of red army soldiers in Ukraine, repainted in 1991 tank is-2 in Prague, which purposefully repaint so far, all of this barbaric dances on the bones of dead, tortured by the Nazis during the Second world war. The pink tank in Prague, which is now showing at the Comenius square in front of the Cathedral (in the framework of “Moravian gallery”), and with which tourists make self, is a shame for those who did this with a tank and continues to do. When these people will understand where today comes the real threat, then we can only hope they will be ashamed and their faces will fill in with paint remorse.

Tank is-2 is the real tank of the Second world war, who even did not participate in the liberation of Prague, but fought in other military operations. The Soviet Union lost during the war 13 million soldiers. Among them were those who distinguished themselves and received awards for his contribution and personal sacrifices in the struggle against Nazism. The cowardice of some politicians and people of art in the Czech Republic is manifested in the fact that they, no doubt, painted the tank pink in color when they are not in danger. They do this without much debate and doubt. But, perhaps, to erect a monument to Vlasov they lack courage. Or do they still interfere with the remnants of conscience. I wonder whose money is-2, which is now in Brno, painted in pink color. He allegedly painted the expensive anti-corrosion paint.

“Fine, I pink, charm I added the artist”

What I was thinking David Black when wielded pink tassel the creative impulse in 1991? Maybe his ears were headphones from the old player and they were hit by Ilona Csakova 90-ies: “All smiling at me, and here it is not accepted, and it’s great that I’m in pink I have a pink skirt. Tararara”. And if not this song, then just another: “He is the one who joins on the night, as every day, know that someone will bring colour to the black dream, sleep, wet, like today, which I’m sh-sh-sh whisper!”