Will lead Russia to the world as the economic leader?

Does Russia have the forces and capabilities that will help it lead the world? Whether it has those essential qualities that make her the country, affecting the entire world community? Will European international organization, or NATO, Russia to rise? Let they world Russian hegemony, especially in an era when the United States gradually began to reduce the pace?

The area of Russia is over 17 million square kilometers, a population of over 142 million people. According to the 2011 census, Russia is the seventh largest economy in the world in terms of gross domestic product, the sixth from the point of view of purchasing power, and ranks third in the amount of the military budget. Russia is among the five official nuclear powers, with the largest stockpile of weapons of mass destruction in the world. From an economic point of view, in Russia ended the existence of the socialist system, after which began the transition from a centrally planned to a free market economy. Compared to the early 90s, Russia’s economy has achieved a decent performance and continues to evolve. The Russian economy demonstrated steady growth, as the increase in income occurs as a result of rising prices for oil and natural gas. Developed industrial production, for example, in the field of heavy equipment or electrical equipment. Among the most important products in the chemical industry — production of chemical fibers, mineral fertilizers, petrochemicals and resins.

Speaking of the military sphere, in 2008 the number of employees in the Russian armed forces amounted to 2 019 629 people. Finally, Russia has carried out military intervention in the Crimea and in Syria, as well as strengthened its presence in the Mediterranean and Baltic seas. Such important strategic and military positions allow Russia to influence the global balance of power.

The question we are trying to put: whether the cost of military operations in various regions of economic interests? Researcher Samir Elias points to the fact that the economy, which occupies less than 3% of the world economy, can not compete for a leading role in the world. Russia proceeds from the principle that the Navy and the army are her only friends, but it does not meet modern international standards. The reasons for the collapse of any country lie in the nature of the device and inability to persevere in a difficult economic, social and political conditions, and not in the ability of the aircraft to drop missiles and not even the ability to launch Intercontinental ballistic missiles.

According to another researcher, Hassan Shahin, after Putin’s return to the Kremlin in 2012, Russia took the political course involving intervention in the Affairs of neighboring countries and on distant frontiers. Such was not practiced before, except in the case of Georgia, which provoked large-scale discussion of the global ambitions of tsarist Russia. True discourse comes from the fact that be described as a kind of fluidity of the international system, given the weakening of global American hegemony, the crisis of the European Union and the reluctance of China in its international policy. However, the analysis of economic, demographic and military conditions in Russia does not allow to make a conclusion about its hegemony. President Eisenhower pointed to the fact that in our region of the Persian Gulf and the middle East in General war will occur regularly every five or seven years.

It makes us wonder about the role of Russia to revise its military incursions, particularly in Syria, the killing of civilians, how Russia contributes to the misery that affects the region. These misfortunes are the fault of Russia. In accordance with the butterfly effect, events in one place, entail devastating effects in another. Therefore, the killing of civilians in Syria will inspire people from all over the world desire to get revenge for what Russia is doing against unarmed civilians in Syria.

It is uncontested that the management of the world requires true human values that Russian bear does not show. Instead, it demonstrates the greed for power and influence. The Russian bear is manifested in the desire to dominate, instead use soft power, which has had a positive impact on other countries, and they, in turn, saw in her an example to follow. It makes us ask the question: what can Russia offer the world in the intellectual and ideological sense? The opportunity to bring back socialism and Marxism in a new wrapper, or create a new global financial system, which helps countries? Will she have enough strength to continue to expand its influence in the future, given ongoing changes in the international situation? And even if this will happen, sooner or later, in any case, the day will come when Russia as an economic power is inevitable in China.