Poland has suspended the pumping of gas from Russia due to low quality

Wednesday, June 21, on the website of the Polish operator Gaz-System S. A. has reported that it has temporarily suspended the pumping of Russian gas pipeline “Yamal-Europe” because of the low quality of the supplied gas, the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

It is noted that due to the low quality natural gas he was not able to take the fuel into the internal system supply at the point of connection with the pipeline “Yamal”. The suspension began on Wednesday morning and will last until Friday morning, June 23. The message added that this decision will not affect the domestic gas distribution system of Poland.

According to Polish media, natural gas contains too much water, and the pipeline operator has no equipment to remove it. Currently, Poland depends on Russia for about 40% of the consumption of gas, a third gas comes from domestic sources and 20% from Central Asia.