Korrespondent (Ukraine), Ukrainians estimated the year of his presidency Zelensky

Only a third of Ukrainians assess the first year of his presidency, Vladimir Zelensky positively, according to a survey by the Sociological group Rating.

So, 27% of respondents Zelensky “good” and 4% said “excellent”.

37% of respondents believe the job of the President is satisfactory.

While a third of citizens believe the action Zelensky on the post or “unsatisfactory” (19%) or “terrible” (12%).

Ukrainians also praised the actions Zelensky spheres. Most favorably to the release of prisoners and the suppression of coronavirus. Worst of all — reduce the influence of oligarchs on politics, land and medical reforms, fight against corruption, economic development and the ceasefire in the Donbass.

According to the survey, if presidential elections were held today, for Zelensky would vote 39,3% of the citizens are among those who decided to vote and undecided.

But in the second round of elections Zelensky would have received 75% of the votes, as a year ago.

The survey was conducted may 12-13, among the 3000 respondents throughout Ukraine except the occupied territories. Error of a representativeness of research with confidence probability of 0.95: not more than 1.8%.

We will remind, on April 22, the film was released on the anniversary of the election Zelensky President, in which he gave an interview.