In Ukraine changed the transport fee with the car

The Cabinet revised the methodology for determining the market value of a motor vehicle for taxation of transport tax (in the amount of 25 thousand UAH).

From the calculation formula the average market price excluded corrective coefficient depending on the mileage.

In addition, if the current methods included in the formula price of the new car were identified based on make, model, engine type and cylinder capacity, type of transmission, a new method the price is formed taking into account the brand, model, cylinder capacity and fuel type.

To determine the average market price in formula price of a new car is multiplied by a correction factor based on the period of operation of the cars.

Changes in the Tax code also States that the object of taxation of transport tax are cars not older than five years, the average market value of which exceeds the size of the 375 size is installed on 1 January of the reporting year, the minimum wage (previously 750 size), therefore the methodology’s text amended accordingly.

Besides, if earlier the Ministry expected the average cost of a car and transmit GFS data about cars not older than five years, the average market value of which exceeds 750 times the minimum wage, now will publish a list of such cars (with the average cost of more than 375 times the minimum wage ) on its website, including data about the make, model, year of manufacture and fuel type.

At the same time, in case of absence on the website of the Ministry of information about the car to be exempt from the transport collection, the Ministry for the treatment of HFS or the owner of the car can determine and additionally put it.