The founder and the head of Uber has retired

Founder and CEO of taxi service Uber, Travis Kalanick has resigned his CEO post under pressure from shareholders, but retained a seat on the Board of Directors. First wrote about this The New York Times, then information was confirmed by the press service of the company. Uber’s not nominated a successor, the company continues to operate without financial and operational Directors and a number of other top managers.

Last week, Kalanick announced the retirement for an indefinite period to work on myself and mourning for the mother. In late may, the boat in which were the parents of Kalanick, Bonnie and Donald, he tripped over a rock and crashed, the mother died on the spot, his father was able to save.

Meanwhile, according to the NYT, Uber has developed a conflict situation, during which the representatives of the five largest investors of the company demanded that Kalanick immediate care.

Their claims are outlined in a letter to the CEO when he was in Chicago. They wrote that Kalanick should immediately resign, as the company needs a renewal of leadership. The founder of Uber, in consultation with at least one member of the Board of the company and held talks with several investors, agreed with the requirement.

“I love Uber stronger than anything else in this world, and in this difficult time for my life the moment I decided to accept the demand of the investors and to step aside to help the company to get back to development instead of distracted by the conflict,” wrote Kalanick in his address.

The company Board also released a statement, which says that Kalanick “Uber has always been in the first place,” but his resignation will allow the company to open a new Chapter in its history. More detailed comments in the company have refused.

Earlier in June, Uber announced a quarterly net loss of 708 million dollars and announced the resignation of the Treasurer.

In recent months the company has suffered from a series of scandals, including accusations rigid corporate culture and the litigation with the company Alphabet, accusing Uber of stealing technology for vehicles to Autonomous control.

In June, Uber fired more than 20 people after an investigation of harassment. In addition, swse 30 people must undergo special training or consultation, and seven have received written warnings. Uber was subjected to intense criticism because of the attitude to women at work. Earlier this year a former employee Susan Fowler has published in his blog a story about sexual harassment and sexism in the company. In particular, she accused the management of ignoring women’s complaints of harassment.

Uber around the world work more than 12 thousand people. Private company data show that about 36% of employees of Uber — women.

In addition, in the center of the scandal himself Kalanick. In the Internet appeared the video, where the head of Uber’s arguing with one of the drivers due to the falling freight rates. The publication of the video forced the CEO to say that he needs help with the management of the company.

Uber is an international technology company that develops mobile services on call car with a personal driver. The company provides services in more than 570 cities in nearly 70 countries. In the CIS Uber is present in Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.