Statement of Donald trump and the military, the US missile strike in Syria

USA released cruise missiles at the air base in Syria on Thursday night in retaliation for a chemical attack against civilians this week, which, according to the United States and other, were made by the leader of Syria Bashar al-Assad. This was the first direct U.S. attack on the Syrian government and the most radical military order of Donald trump from the moment he became President.

Discover a transcript of trump’s statements, which he made soon after the attack, as well as statements by other US officials.

Statement of Donald trump can be found here.

The statement of the Secretary of state, USA Rex Tillerson (Rex Tillerson):

It is also important to realize, and I think everybody understands how chaotic the situation now in Syria, where there is a struggle in trying to defeat ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia — approx. lane), where there are groups of “al-Qaeda” (terroristicheskaya organization banned in Russia — approx. lane), and where there is a civil war. Obviously, one of the vital threats that we see now in Syria is the presence there of weapons of this type, and it is important not to let it fall into the hands of those who will be able to bring him to our shores and used against American citizens.

So there are a number of arguments which, in our opinion, last night spoke in favor of this measure. We believe that the attack itself is proportional, as it was aimed at the object, where made the last attack with chemical weapons.

We carefully coordinated action with our international partners around the world. And I will tell you that the vast majority of our allies in the region and in the middle East, expressed support for the measure that we have taken…

It was a very deliberate action. We have carefully analyzed a range of alternatives, and I think the President made the right choice and made the right decision. First, act decisively, act decisively against this heinous act on the part of Bashar al-Assad, but at the same time directing the blow clearly against the source of this particular attack, as a powerful message.

Discussed other options. They were rejected for a number of reasons. From my point of view, the President made the exact, correct solution.

Statement by national security Advisor, USA Mr R. McMaster (H. R. McMaster):

During the discussion with the President and his administration it was important for us to weigh the risk associated with any military measure, and we weighed, given the risk of inaction, which has already been well said Secretary Tillerson, the risk that these inhuman, outrageous, brutal chemical attack on innocent civilians will continue.

The President immediately reported the news about the chemical attack. He was very interested in the fact that a good understanding of the circumstances of the attack and who is responsible for it.

The level of his interest only grew with each passing hour and day have passed since the attack, and the emergence of new evidence, especially, unfortunately, with the victims and with the confirmation of the type used nerve agents.

We convened the national security Council… to discuss options.

We discussed with the President three alternatives, and the President has asked us to concentrate and to work two of them, as it was to us a number of questions we tried to answer.

We were able to answer these questions and return with answers to today’s briefing for decision-making, which was attended by virtually the entire leadership of the national security Council in Florida and by video conference in Washington.

After long meetings and extensive discussions, the President decided to act, here is the sequence of events in General.

Thus, two quite large-scale official meetings, but in fact a whole series of discussions since the attacks.

The Statement Of The Pentagon:

At the direction of the President, the US armed forces made the attack by cruise missiles against the Syrian air force today, at about 8:40 at the summer North American Eastern time (4:40 a.m., April 7, in Syria). The blow was aimed at shayrat airfield in HOMS governorate, responsible for the attack using chemical weapons made by the Syrian government on 4 April in Khan Sheyhun, during which killed and injured hundreds of innocent Syrians, including women and children.

The blow was struck with the help of land-based missiles “Tomahawk” (TLAMs) launched from destroyers “porter” and “Ross” in the Eastern Mediterranean. All the aircraft, fortified hangars, oil and logistics warehouses, ammunition bunkers, air defense systems and radars was released 59 TLAMs. As always, the U.S. has taken all possible measures to avoid civilian casualties and to comply with the Law of armed conflict. Had taken all precautions to conduct the strike with minimal risk for the personnel of the airfield.

The attack was a proportionate response to the heinous actions of Assad. Shayrat airfield was used to store chemical weapons and air force of Syria. The expert community of the USA has come to the conclusion that the airfield Shirt was produced by chemical attack on 4 April. The strike was to deter the regime from using chemical weapons in the future.

Russian forces were notified in advance about the strikes and a certain line of safe movement. Military planners, the United States took precautions to minimize the risk for the Russian and Syrian personnel stationed at the airport.

Now we evaluate the results of the shot. Surface indications point to the fact that the attack severely damaged or destroyed Syrian aircraft, supporting infrastructure and equipment of airfield shirt, reducing the ability of the Syrian government to use chemical weapons. We will not tolerate the use of chemical weapons against innocent people.