How to make money on the boxes with a surprise: a business plan

In a crisis people want to escape from the problems. So happily welcomed any new ideas that will help to improve your mood or arrange a surprise for the family. This request Ukrainians should adopt entrepreneurs who want to start promising business with small initial costs, because the emotions you can earn.

“In the segment of emotions is an interesting format, built on the goodie boxes. The idea: a person buys a box as a gift, and there may be a few unexpected items, cosmetics, toys, accessories… That is, in order not to puzzle what to present to friends or colleagues, you can buy a box of surprise with an appropriate inscription — his girlfriend, best friend, my mom. And the originator of gifts, taking into account the target audience, trying to create the perfect gift. This format is popular abroad, but we have a niche is not saturated with offers, so you can be creative,” explains the head of the franchise Association Andrey Krivonos. “Today” decided to look into the prospects of launching an online store boxes with surprises in Kiev.

Business plan

1. Project description

In Kiev opened a small online store boxes of surprises “Children’s joy”. Orientirueshsya for young parents and children from 0 to 3 years. We will have to form sets of gifts for newborn babies, newly moms, birthday etc. we Will take into account the season when the baby is born, wishes and investointi customers. It estimates that if every day three people will order set on the average check in 299 UAH, the project will pay for itself in six months.

2. Start-up capital

Invested in the development of a small online store and buy domain and hosting for a year (10 thousand UAH). Need equipment, including a laptop and a mobile phone, modem router, scanner with printer (20 thousand UAH). And you need a basic range of products: on the formation of 100-120 boxes with surprises lay around 20-24 thousand.

TOTAL: 54 ths

3. Marketing, advertising

Use free methods of promoting our online store. In social networks like “Facebook” and “Instagram” will have pages, and on sites skidochnye will offer special box-gifts. Also, leave business cards in pharmacies, hospitals, and flyers will be distribute in the playgrounds and parks.

TOTAL: 500 UAH per month.

4. Current expenses

We will work at home, so will save on the office rent. But include the cost of Internet, mobstaz, electricity (500 UAH). At the start the administrator is the business owner (s/n 4000 UAH). Also lay 50% of the initial investment to support the range of (10-12 million)

TOTAL: 16, 5 thousand UAH per month.

5. Return

The margin on the boxes— 30%, so minana gift — 299 UAH. Put a book, a cream, a rattle, a pacifier, a comb (will change situationally). If every day we buy 3 sets in a month earn 26 910 UAH. Minusuem current (16,5 thousand) and marketing (500 UAH) expenses (17 million) remains 9910 UAH. Given the start-up costs (54 million), the project will pay for itself in six months.

You need to be honest with the client

Business idea associated with surprises, are universal and viable, experts say. “This format can be used anywhere — in the segment of entertainment, restaurant business, children’s travel, romantic adventure. For example, when the US visitor cafe does not know what dish or drink want to order — it just says “surprise”. And then the waiter brings him some salad or juice, as they say, in its sole discretion. And it is perceived abroad is quite normal: it is the culture of consumption, based on the desire to get positive emotions in the form of surprises and unwillingness to make decisions, as already developed ready answers to any query”, — says Andrey Krivonos.

According to him, the format surprises can work not only in countries with high income, where the population has already tried a wide variety of experiences and don’t know where to look for new emotions. “The business model of the surprises it has good reputation in the regions in crisis. And all because people here also need a new emotion. They’re just not willing to pay for them a lot. However, nobody says that the surprise should be worth exclusively $100-500. If the compiler sets well the fantasy box is quite possible to fit three to five unexpected and pleasant gifts, and this gift will be inexpensive — say, 249 UAH”, — says Krivonos.

CHOICE. At the same time, experts warn that low price box surprise does not mean that the set will be gifts of low quality, or a penny of cost: “the Seller must be honest and fair with their customers — unless, of course, wants his visitors received pleasant emotions, advised him to service friends and themselves back again for the next boxes. Why not in the box of surprise worth UAH 249 put, conventionally, the ink for 60 UAH, nail Polish for 20 UAH and lip gloss for 10 UAH. In this case the business reputation of the dealer can seriously and permanently affected, as people will be severely disappointed, and the box surprise will end up in the trash,” says Krivonos.

It is better to develop gradually

It is very important to write a business plan to calculate all the costs, potential revenues and the point of recovery, experts say. “Now we’re in a recession, so it is not necessary to invest big money into a massive project. Instead of the usual store goodie boxes it’s best to run a modest online store with a warehouse of these gifts home. And if the new format will be in demand by the target audience, and you can expand is to run a shop or look for new clientele,” recommends Andrew Krivonos.

SUBTLETIES. Special attention in the emotional business you need to focus on the delivery of goods to customers. “No customer will be waiting for my package already a week. The optimal time of delivery since the implementation of the order — 3-5 days. And this is important in the segment of gifts, because there may be some emotions when he chooses box a surprise and quite different — when it is received. It is desirable that the client is not open in the expectation of surprise, otherwise feedback about the new service may become negative”, — says the seller handmade-gifts Irina Agranova. According to her, in strict adherence to the deadlines of delivery need to configure the providers themselves: “we Need to work only with responsible suppliers: disruptions in the delivery terms mean that the business owner will not be able to-be a box of surprise or disappoint the customer with the promised date of receipt of gift”.

Agranova also recommends constantly look for new suppliers, because the correct management of a range of boxes of surprises requires periodic updates of product: “Fashion for gifts is changing rapidly: for example, was the actual anti-stress coloring, and now on top — spinners. And these trends need to pay attention.” Also do not forget the good old methods of promotion — friends, acquaintances, social networks and sites skidochnye. “There are people often looking for new and interesting services, so the target audience can actively enjoy all sorts of pleasures, gifts and surprises,” — said Krivonos.

Think about the format: a little or a lot

When you start it is important to understand, what will be the target audience of the new service boxes of surprises. “The problem is that often entrepreneurs want to grasp the immensity. At the start of the business, many do not define the target audience, and trying to work with a variety of clients: they try to cater to young people, mothers with children and couples. This approach leads nowhere, because it is impossible to consider the tastes of all customers. Because young people are interested in cosmetics and accessories, couples, kitchenware and textiles. And how competently to make purchases of goods and control the range of gifts? Without an understanding of the target audience can easily be ruined, because the initial procurement will require considerable finkleway. Therefore it is better to initially determine your client and work in a single project. And when it will go to the mountain, to expand the range of audience,” says the owner of a little gift shop in Kiev Nikolay Porphyry.

START. It is easiest to start with the preparation of boxes of surprises for girls, because it is the most numerous clientele with a fondness for new emotions and gifts, says Porphyry. “Girls can give cosmetics, perfumes, decorations, Souvenirs, small items for home decoration. And, as a rule, these customers are rarely dissatisfied with the Souvenirs, even if in a box will be presented a few items. And all because they can pick from a set of most essential goods, and the surplus to perepadaet friends,” he says. In business, tied to the emotions, it is also important to take into account all the reasons for giving gifts, say entrepreneurs. We are talking not only about traditional celebrations — 1 September, birthday, New year, March 8, but of modern date. “You may recall, for example, about the Day mom or black Friday total sales. The main thing — to tighten a specific event to the client was interesting or important to congratulate a loved one with this date. Therefore, without imagination anywhere. Well, then it is important to form a box-the surprise is not only thematic, but useful gifts. This can be, for example, my mother’s favorite coffee, rolling pin and an invitation to a Spa,” — says Porphyry.