“System” — secret Russian martial art

Martial art “System” was developed in the Russian special forces. Think of the awesome fighting style that helps him to defeat his enemy, but the secret of “the System” is to not to harm the opponent. No the major stands and kata competitions are also not held. The attractiveness of this style we have talked with the official instructor of “the System” from the city of Nishinomiya, Kakwa goto (Goto Kakuo).

Asahi: Tell us what “the System”.

Kakwa, goto: This is the technique of survival in various conditions. In Soviet times, studied various martial arts based on traditional Russian fighting style. In the Russian special forces, this technique is applied as survival skills. The Creator of the “System” Mikhail Ryabko systematized know-how so that you can use it in modern society. He focused on such aspects as self-defense and maintenance of health based on four principles: “breathe”, “relax”, “to maintain the correct position”, “move”. Even if the soldiers survive in combat, their psyche to cause serious damage. Ryabko developed a “System” subject to return then to normal. One of the students Ryabko moved to Canada, and in 2000 it began to spread across the country.

What is the workout?

— You must first relax and breathe. No ready-made menu. Based on four rules, you should maintain a relaxed state. At first, the disciples are confused, but then gradually they begin to learn the technique of relaxation. After that, they learn to resist the enemy with a knife, or multiple enemies simultaneously. Sometimes dealt heavy blows, but the essence of “the System” in order not to harm the opponent. The goal is to control your movement, not defeat an enemy by attacking its weak points. Moreover, it is important to consider how you can avoid danger at the stage when the conflict has not yet begun. If you are relaxed in body and soul, you can avoid danger at the initial stage.


— How did you meet “System”?


— Initially, I studied the Chinese martial arts. I started at 12 years old up to 34 years took part in various competitions. However I had a injury and I had to quit martial arts. Once I saw the video describing the “System”. Osaka was taught by instructor from the US, and I decided to attend his classes.

Can I learn those who are far from sports?

— You can learn to move regardless of gender and age. No black belts and bits. You choose the content according to their abilities. “System”, which helps to adapt to changing conditions, you can apply in real life.


Kakwa, goto grew up in Nishinomiya. At the age of 12 went to China in the work of the father, where he lived for three months. There he studied Chinese martial arts. In 2006, he met with “the System”. In 2008 opened the section “the System Nishinomiya”. Trained in Canada. In 2013 received a certificate from an official instructor from the founder, Mikhail Ryabko. Now works in company and teaches a “System”.


After the interview:

During training the students sometimes laugh. All in clothing that strained individuals are not. The disciples are trying to relax. Moving the body right and left, they are deeply breathing. “It is important not to resist the movements of the opponent,” says goto. Following the movement of a large sparring partner, grabbing him by the wrist, he easily knocked him to the Mat. This is the secret of “the System”.