Our policy gave Putin a weapon with which he will provoke a constitutional crisis in the United States

Now, when the Senate begins, and the House of representatives continues to investigate the interference of Russia in the course of the presidential elections in 2016, I would like to enumerate the facts that we know about this intervention.

First, we know that Russian state-controlled media conducted a campaign to discredit the American elections in General. Russian TV, Internet and printed publication called American politics as a dirty and corrupt waste pit, which is dominated by “the establishment”. Since the Kremlin tightly controls the activities of leading Russian mass media, it can be concluded that this campaign was conducted under the direction of members of the highest echelons of power. When the number of candidates on our elections was reduced to two, the Russian media had no choice but to oppose the candidate of the establishment, that is, against Hillary Clinton. Trump was positioned as the “candidate of the people”, whose establishment is ready to break into pieces. If the main struggle was unfolding between Clinton and Bush, Russia probably wouldn’t choose a favorite, instead focusing on the main problems of US policy.

Conclusion: that mainstream media of any country be on the side of one of the candidates for election in a foreign state is not unusual. For example, the German TV openly opposed the trump. President Obama also tried to intervene in the campaign around Brekzita and most European leaders opposed the referendum Erdogan in Turkey. Antimilitarista the position of the Russian media has long been known, so the Senate and the House of representatives should not waste time on it.

Secondly, the Russian and Pro-Russian Ukrainian oligarchs and companies hired American lobbyists and consultants to help them improve credibility in the international arena and to defend their interests in Washington. Such lobbying is a legitimate, if all necessary information is disclosed properly. The main part of this activity was carried out before the annexation of the Crimea, in the period of the reset in relations between Russia and the United States. The list of lobbyists of Russia’s interests included influential members of the establishment from both parties. Lobbyists associated with trump was less noticeable. Because trump was an outsider and could hardly qualify for the highest office in the United States, its representatives had nothing to offer the Russians, so the demand for them was low.

Conclusion: If the Senate and the House of representatives wants to consider in detail the line of trading in influence, they will need to investigate lobbying activities as representatives of the team of trump, and representatives of the establishment. They will need to consider in detail the activities of the Clinton Foundation, given the large contribution associated with the Russian magnate from Canada, who was involved in the infamous transaction, Uranium One.

Thirdly, hackers broke into the system of national Committee of the Democratic party and email Podestà, and then transferred the stolen data to WikiLeaks. The declassified intelligence report said with “high confidence” that Vladimir Putin personally approved these hacker attacks, which are then held in military intelligence. Russia’s “hybrid war” to preserve the possibility of plausible deniability. Thus, what Putin could have left traces of their direct involvement, is extremely unlikely. Moreover, the Russian cyberwar is conducted semi-criminal organizations, which are almost nothing to do with the official structures. Now Washington politicians blamed Russia almost all hacker attacks, referring to the Russian IP address, which will tell you any experienced expert, have no meaning. (The impression that our own intelligence is conducting hacker attacks by hiding behind Russian and Chinese IP addresses.)

Conclusion: If only we’re not allowed to see the classified version of the report, I must conclude that the consensus of the intelligence community based on the assumption that an operation of this magnitude had to be carried out with the tacit consent or at the direct order of Putin. The same assumption was guided by a London court, have concluded that Putin “probably” approved the poisoning of Litvinenko.

Fourth, the people who were supposed to represent trump’s, now charged with concluding mutually beneficial deals with Russia, under which they allegedly promised certain concessions from the President trump. One of these alleged deals supposedly meant to soften the Republican platform on the issue of providing arms to Ukraine in exchange for help in the elections. But, if you compare the original and the final version of the platform, it becomes clear that the language regarding the provision of weapons Ukraine, became tougher, not softer. Sensational and unverified dossier, which contains various rumors became the basis for another accusation — accusations that Russia has offered to Trump nearly a billion dollars for the lifting of sanctions against Russia. This offer was allegedly made by Trump in July 2016, when the chances of trump’s victory in the elections was assessed as extremely low. Thus, such a transaction had absolutely no meaning.

Conclusion: the Committees of the Congress should not waste time on checking the charges that can be easily refuted with data, which is in the public domain.

Fifth, the intelligence community claims that Putin intervened in the presidential election to help Trump win. (Hacker attacks on the national Committee of the Democratic party, according to leaks, began in July 2016, when trump was not taken as a serious candidate.) The intelligence community obviously does not understand that all of Putin’s actions are aimed primarily at the domestic audience. The basis of the claims of Putin to power is the idea that aggressive the United States wants to destroy Russia, hurting the Russian people and forcing Russia to accept same-sex marriages. The personification of the “liberal-democratic” threats is the American establishment (administration, CIA, FBI, George Soros). Given that next year in Russia must pass the presidential election, Putin can’t abandon this concept. Publication emails Podestà and members of the national Committee of the Democratic party has revealed the dark underside of politics of the American establishment, which played into the hands of Putin. Russia focused on the fact that Clinton will win by destroying the outsiders, like ordinary people, such as Bernie Sanders (Bernie Sanders) and Donald trump. The election trump was contrary to the scenario of Putin. It has caused a more favorable attitude of Russians to America and, worse, showed that in America, the underdog is quite able to win — Putin would prefer that the Russians did not see it.

Conclusion: Our intelligence experts don’t know what I was thinking and Putin thinks. In addition, they most likely don’t understand exactly how Putin governs Russia. Stating that his actions were intended to help Trump win, contrary to all that we know about the methods of work of Putin.

The American media 24 hours a day, seven days a week to tell viewers about the alleged transactions of trump and Putin, despite the absence of any real evidence that trump and Putin agreed to “steal” the win from Hillary. But this hysteria in the media plays Putin on hand, giving him valuable leverage over the United States. Most likely, Putin will wait for the right moment and declare, without any evidence: “of Course, we decided to help Mr. Trump. He is a good man, and I knew he was much better for the job than Hillary. I did it to help both our countries”. Russian journalists are already thinking about what language he chooses to say it.

In order for Putin, there are tools that he received because of our politics, to provoke in US a constitutional crisis. So much to be thankful our political class. Remember my words, when Putin finally pull this rabbit out of my hat.