Australia suspends operations on its aircraft in Syria amid escalating conflict

After the U.S. military shot down a Syrian plane, and Russia warned that coalition aircraft led by the US becomes a target for air defense systems in some regions of Syria, Australia has suspended all actions of its air force in the Syrian sky.

This is another round of conflict, which, according to one analyst, we have witnessed a “dramatic escalation” and “uneasy coexistence on the battlefield,” to support which forces with opposite goals is just not possible.

Participating in the international coalition against LIH (banned in Russia organization — approx. TRANS.), the Australian Ministry of defense made a statement in which he said: “as a precautionary measure, the defence forces of Australia temporarily stop strikes in Syria.”

The “protection of the Australian defence force are regularly reviewed to reflect changes in the nature of potential threats. The personnel of the defense forces is closely monitoring the traffic situation in Syria, and the decision on renewal of action of the Australian aviation in this country will be made at the time. The actions of the Australian defence force in Iraq in the coalition will be continued.”

Russian threat

The statement was issued after the fighter jet of the US Navy on Sunday shot down a Syrian military plane. The United States said that he was shot down in order to protect the U.S.-backed “Syrian democratic forces”. The rebel group is fighting with ISIL on the outskirts of Raqqa, which became a stronghold of the “Islamic state” in the North-Eastern part of Syria.

This incident is the first of its kind since the beginning of U.S. military action in Syria in 2014. Because of him, Russia has threatened coalition aircraft flying to the West of the Euphrates river.

The Russian defense Ministry called the destruction of the aircraft “a cynical violation of the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic” and “military aggression”.

For this reason, said the Russian defense Ministry, it stops using the communication channel to prevent conflict situations, which were established between American and Russian forces in Syria.

The Russian defense Ministry said in a statement: “From this point on in areas of combat missions of Russian aircraft in the skies of Syria any airborne targets, including aircraft and unmanned vehicles international coalition discovered to the West of the Euphrates river, will be accepted in support of Russian ground and air defense as air targets”.

The dramatic escalation

Senior research fellow at the Council on foreign relations (Council on Foreign Relations) Gayle tzemach Lemmon (Gayle Tzemach Lemmon) said Monday that because of a downed Syrian aircraft and missile launches Iran over the weekend have been “dramatic escalation in the war, to which the United States was not going to”.

Lemmon said: “These events show how difficult coexistence on the battlefield led to a situation where to maintain such a coexistence is impossible”.

Troops from the rival targets were now in dangerous proximity to each other in Eastern Syria.

The United States actively support the “Syrian democratic forces,” as the rebel Alliance, making their way to raqqa, with the support of coalition air strikes.

Meanwhile, the Syrian army and its allies also comes in Raqqa, and last week Syrian forces had reached the areas controlled by the VTS, causing clashes between rival alliances have become almost inevitable.

When the Syrian air force on Sunday bombed positions of the SDS, the Americans came to the aid of his partners and shot down the Syrian plane.

Meanwhile, the Iranian military on Sunday issued a statement that they launched on ISIS targets in Eastern Syria as some ballistic medium-range missiles in response to the double attack that occurred in Tehran on June 7.

It was the first time in 30 years, when Iran launched a missile strike on another country. Thus, he has significantly strengthened its role in the Syrian war.