Opposition to shoot

16 may 2017, the Kiev Rada has banned the so-called St. George ribbon, i.e. a ribbon that veterans and other residents used may 9 to mark Victory over Nazi Germany in the great Patriotic war of 1941-45. A handful of MPs dared to protest against the ban. This led to the fact that a member of Parliament Yuri Birch, dressed in military camouflage, shouted from the rostrum of the Parliament that he “wants to take up a gun and shoot these bastards.”

We can assume that when a member of the European Parliament calls on the opposition to shoot, it has become a big sensation in the media. But this did not happen. Probably the leading Western media decided to silence the incident.

If similar happened in the Parliament of any other country, there would be attempts to silence this? Of course not. If the call to shoot the opposition voiced in the Russian Duma or a supporter of marine Le Pen (Marine Le Pen) or Donald trump (Donald Trump), this would cause the appearance of warlike headlines in Western Newspapers. But if this were a politician in any African or Asian country, then his statement would have appeared a message that it would be said that it was a dangerous lack of political culture.

Or, for example, a taxi driver, who guards a Ukrainian politician was shot in the leg because he spoke Russian and refused to say a nationalist salute? Can you imagine what the media would be so silent if the guards of the famous Russian politician shot dead the taxi driver who, in their opinion, were insufficiently Patriotic, for example, because they refused to endorse the reunification of the Crimea with Russia?

Or, for example, the laws according to which Ukraine is a criminal offense to criticize the Ukrainian fascists of the thirties and forties, that is, individuals and groups who during the Second world war killed hundreds of thousands of Jews and poles? Why is the media not comment on these laws as they constantly comment on the Russian laws on compulsory registration of political organizations financed from abroad? And why there are such comments? Because Russia, like almost all other countries, including Norway, have laws that restrict foreign funding of political activities? Or because fascism is actually a part of the state ideology of Ukraine?

Important in the construction of post-war Europe was that fascism must not have support in European countries. What is happening today in Ukraine in the form of prohibitions on criticism of the fascist organizations, assassinations of opposition politicians and journalists, the banning of the Communist party, the dismissal of police officers for trying to protect war veterans from right-wing extremists and calls in Parliament to shoot the opposition, cannot be characterized otherwise than fascism.

The fact that our media led force funded by the state radio Corporation NRK refuse to report it, can hardly be called otherwise than misinformation.

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