What do you think of NATO?

Neighbors and friends stop him on the street and ask: “Sylvester, what happened?! Is that true?” It all began when Khrushchev, the Deputy of the party “Cookies’15”, appeared in the list of prominent Polish figures, under the influence of Russia. This list is made up of the Hungarian analytical center of the Political Capital Institute. In the broadcast Radio Szczecin politician assured that he was “a millimeter” is not intersected with these circles, and added: “so I, being a Russian agent, engaged in the design of the American base in our province? This is a great recommendation!”

The information that the company ch2architekci that Sylvester Khrushchev (Sylwester Chruszcz) many years ago founded with his wife, engaged in the construction of NATO bases, allow the Deputy to dismiss the charges that he advocates a “Russian agent”. The problem is that Khrushchev tells about his participation in this project sparingly. We only know what we are talking about two sites: one is located in Skwierzyna, the location of the second is unknown.

We will contact them on the phone. “My company is involved in the design and maintenance of databases, the more I can not say anything because it’s classified information,” he explains.

Khrushchev, a staunch nationalist. He was a member of the organization “sapolsky youth”, people’s party, and then in the “League of the Polish families”. With its list in 2004 he was in the European Parliament. Khrushchev founded the movement Libertas Polska eurosceptic wing, was a member of the party “Poland is most important” and “National movement”, and then became the Deputy from “Cookies’15”. In addition, in 2009, together with Piskorski Mateusz (Mateusz Piskorski) it is engaged in the creation of the Association “Change”. Piskorski, like the beetle — a native of Szczecin. He was a member of the party “Self-defense”, were among the founders of the Libertas Polska and published in the journal Myśli.pl that had made Khrushchev created the Fund Boleslaw the Brave.

We asked Khrushchev the question of his acquaintance with Piskorski. “You worked together on “the Change?”” “Yeah, it lasted a month, nothing to do with the current party of the same name this Association had. The last time we met in 2011. His next political steps, I can not answer”.

In 2015, Piskorski headed the new party made no secret of his Pro-Kremlin orientation, which was called the same as his former Association — “Change”. From may 2016, the politician is under arrest. He was detained by the internal security Agency on suspicion of spying for Russia. Gazeta Wyborcza wrote: “the Agency assumes that Piskorski was involved in the operations of Russian intelligence, aimed against Poland. He met with the contact persons of intelligence and perform operational tasks associated with the promotion of Russian interests and the manipulation of attitudes of the Polish community, receiving for this work a fee.”

Sylvester Khrushchev and Mateusz Piskorski was mutual friends: Alexei Kochetkov and Marina Kochetkova-Klebanovich. After the Russian-Georgian war Piskorski together Kochetkov was involved in the creation of the press center in the capital of the breakaway South Ossetia, Tskhinvali. The Russians led the research center CIS-EMO, which, in particular, was engaged in election monitoring in Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Transnistria. The money came from the Kremlin, and the task Kochetkova was to involve observers from Western countries, who could give the project weight. CIS-EMO gave them free tickets, paid for accommodation and food and even offered to “travel.”

Khrushchev did not deny that he participated in one of these trips.

“I went with them to Kiev in 2010 to observe the elections. But I’m in this organization was not”.

— How did it happen that you went with them? This organization is financed by the Kremlin.

I wanted to experience, no one on his forehead is written that he supports the Kremlin. For example, Newsweek is the German edition (the owner of the Polish version of the magazine company Ringier Axel Springer Polska, approx. lane), and I give you an interview.

— Did you get paid?

They paid for the tickets and accommodation.

— A travel?

— Any money I have not taken.

Khrushchev comes out when we remind him that he opposed the deployment of NATO bases, which now is going to make money. “It’s a lie! Give me some example!”

To quote the 2008 entry from his blog: “I feel for the Polish supporters of the deployment of us bases and missile defense system in Poland. Fearing the return of the Russian troops in Poland, they, apparently, will lead to the fact that these forces again will return to us. It is the consequences of naive, ill-conceived and may just be too compliant toward the United States and the Washington administration position.”

Or another example: “American missiles on our territory will not save us from external threats, including the more stringent claims of Germany and the United States.” Or: “If some Polish politicians believe that foreign troops and base on Polish territory to guarantee us security, why not follow the example of Kyrgyzstan? In this former Soviet Republic on a regular basis are military from both the United States and the Russian Federation.” Or, “Should provoke an attack of another state, and to spoil relations with Russia, paying the price for it, the size of which we don’t already know? On the topic of databases, it’s best just to hold a national referendum”. Now Khrushchev explains that he was referring to missile defense systems, and, in addition, with the changed context.

A member of the party “Cookies’15” refers to the number of fans of Putin. In 2007, he wrote: “we should Not be surprised that Putin won the election — the man the Russians have been waiting for. We need to establish a dialogue with winners of the Russian elections, to establish cooperation with them to develop plans for the future. That should do the Patriotic right-wing forces. I congratulate the winning party in the Russian election, and admire the Russians, who have relied on strong government. (…) We need good relations with Russia: the demand of our geopolitical and economic interests. We have long brandished the sword, but now it’s time to change course”.

On the eve of the Russian-Georgian war in 2008, Khrushchev spoke in the European Parliament: “Russia are a good guide. Russians live better, a country becomes democratic. Didactic tone, which is used by Brussels officials, is in Moscow only irritated smile”. Position MP has not changed after the war in Georgia or after the attack Russia to Ukraine. March 5, 2014, after the dispersal of the Maidan on the eve of the annexation of the Crimea in the broadcast Radio Szczecin, he said: “Vladimir Putin proved that he is a good leader of Russia, Angela Merkel is a good leader of Germany.”

Khrushchev opposed the initiatives of Warsaw, who sought to open the doors of Georgia to NATO, and believed that the unrecognized Abkhazia and South Ossetia have the right to independence. In addition, he stressed that the Maidan was seized by the nationalist forces, and the East of Ukraine is “Russian in the mental and historical terms” territory.

Office of the military counterintelligence checks for all companies who work on our army. However, according to Khrushchev, his firm is collaborating directly with NATO. The mayor of Schweiny where ch2architekci will supposedly go about their projects, knows nothing about it. “At the us base fixed the roof, changed the Windows, put the asphalt on the parade ground, the repair was made also inside the buildings. There is a Turkish and Romanian firms, on the Polish I know nothing,” he says.

Agency NATO support and procurement, which deals with tenders, at our request, the check, signed the company ch2architekci any contract with the Alliance. Its representatives warned that if it is a subcontractor, its activities can not be found. In any case, in the list of companies that won the tenders for services for us army and NATO, this company no.

— Tenders win large global companies, and they hire subcontractors — explains the cockchafer.

You are such a subcontractor?

— I’ll explain that I couldn’t be a Prime contractor, such large companies in Poland no.

— Did your company check before you start work?

— I think, Yes.

You don’t know?

I know.

— You have access to classified information?

— No, I was not required.

Whether or not the company ch2architekci tested? It does not endanger her job on the bases of NATO to our security? Warned whether Polish intelligence agencies of the allies? The Commission of the diet on Affairs of special services and civilian intelligence agencies have not yet shown interest in this topic. It told us the press Secretary of the Minister of Mariusz Kaminski (Mariusz Kamiński), assuring that “the security services, the coordination of activities involved with the Minister, perform all their duties”.

Maybe some information has Service military counter-intelligence? Perhaps, but the answer to this question from the Ministry of defence, we failed to obtain. It is not excluded, that no one knew nothing until Sylvester Khrushchev not announced on the radio that he works for NATO.