Russia gave a green light to the Turkish tomatoes

For Turkish tomatoes, for which Russia applies the embargoes light turned green. Milliyet according to the obtained information that Russia has decided to buy tomatoes from Turkey at the beginning in some periods of the year.

Russia, which intends to purchase Turkish tomatoes in those periods of the year when they don’t supply its own producers, would also be imported from Turkey and products such as tomato paste.

In accordance with the decision taken after technical contact Russian officials, who for some time had been in Turkey, put the tomatoes in Russia will initially be three Turkish firms that meet specifications.

Following the jet crisis in relations between the two countries, Turkey, which carried out 70% of its exports of tomatoes to Russia, faced with the Russian embargo. After the normalization of relations between the two countries, Russia that started to apply economic sanctions against Turkey from January 1, 2016, banned the import of many products from Turkey, such as tomatoes, oranges, apples, apricots, broccoli, tangerines, pears, meat chicken and Turkey, and later refused to sanction all types of products except tomatoes. Turkey has stepped up efforts to resolve problems with the export of tomatoes, which is critical.

The export will be carried by three firms

In the course of negotiations with the Russian delegation, who visited Turkey, the Turkish side proposed to clear the way for the export of tomatoes from Turkey in those periods of the year when Russia is unable to produce them.

Reportedly, the Russians reacted positively to the proposal. According to the decision taken after technical contact Russian officials, exports from Turkey will initially implement three firms that meet specifications. They will be selected among those firms that previously exported to Russia.

It is expected that the permit for the export of tomatoes for the entire year with the exception of some months during which Russia itself can grow tomatoes, will come into force within a few months. In accordance with the established mechanism will be sampled for Turkish tomatoes, and tomatoes that meet the required conditions, will be supplied to Russia without any delay at customs.

Thanks to this new mechanism is expected to prevent problems such as pesticides, and avoid customs queues that occur during the inspection of imported tomatoes.

Bought from Turkey for almost half

Russian farmers, who, after a crisis in Russian-Turkish relations began to produce tomatoes in greenhouses is not affected by the new system. Their need for tomatoes Russia will meet primarily at the expense of domestic producers. It is noted that especially productive greenhouses in the southern regions of the country.

Russia expects that with the resumption of import of tomatoes from Turkey tomato prices in the Russian shops will fall. In 2014, the export of tomatoes and cucumbers from Turkey to Russia amounted to 508 million dollars. Prior to the embargo, the share of Turkish tomatoes accounted for 43% of tomatoes in the Russian market.