Videohit: India rope caught a giant Python that ate a goat

Residents of the Indian city of Baihata-Chariali, Assam, caught a Python that has swallowed them a goat, reports the Daily Mail.

Around the giant snake, the length of which was more than 4.5 meters, a crowd gathered. Someone managed to throw the neck of the reptile rope, so it is not escaped before the arrival of emergency personnel.

Onlookers pulled the helpless animal’s tail, hung around his neck and was photographed with him in an embrace. After such a hearty meal, the Python was not able to repel the attackers and sluggish to react to bullying.

Representatives of the forest service of India, arrived on call, took the reptile to the forest and released.

Earlier it was reported that giant Python swallowed a 68-pound hyena.