The violin caught in a lie about his controversial statements about the ghetto

Ukrainian musician Oleh Skrypka stated that he is not called to create a ghetto for those citizens of Ukraine who are unable to learn the Ukrainian language. The musician said in an interview with Russian newspaper “Vzglyad”.

“What ghetto? I did nowhere call. The more ghetto. It’s a political thing. You what? There is my direct question? Is my voice? It’s some kind of humor. Maybe a joke?” — said the Violin.

On specifying question, not if he offered to create a ghetto and to send people, the musician replied: “When was the election campaign of Yanukovych, and put me in the mouth I want barbed wire to surround the Donbass. And then these same words put Yulia Tymoshenko.”

In turn, the former creative producer of the channel “112 Ukraine” Viktor Zubritsky published audio interview with the Violin, where you can clearly hear his phrase about the need to create a ghetto for those who can not learn the state language.

Earlier in interview “” Oleg Skrypka stated that Ukraine is cultural genocide.